"Geopolitically crazy" Putin should be stopped

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Putin has no instruments to achieve his goals in Ukraine. But he understands that the expansion of the war will be unprofitable.He miscalculated not only with Ukraine, but also with Syria and only force can now appease him.
22:15, 13 September 2016

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It would be good if Putin did not need Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries through the list. But capturing new foreign lands – is a condition for the existence of empires. Moreover, the new - this is not yet forgotten "old" once colonized territories that Kremlin still considers its patrimony.

Sassy Putin’s fans are no less "specific" than the Bolsheviks and Communists, and their aggression has the same roots - the imperial and chauvinistic.

So why Russia needs Abkhazia, Transnistria, Donbas and Crimea? Although this issue is likely to be studied by the future psychologists and researchers of Russian people psychotype. However, it can be assumed that a large number of aggressive conquerors in the history of Moscow exactly formed the genotype of the Russian people.

When the conquistadors and annexationist were much more appreciated than talented farmers and craftsmen. And Russia, either the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union economically hopelessly lagged behind the developed countries. And even those historical episodes when the USSR with unprecedented price of despotic totalitarian super efforts, managed to raise its positions in the military field and increasing nuclear capacity, it achieved nothing positive in the lives of ordinary citizens who were forced to live in the empire of evil.

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Moscow has no instruments to achieve its goals in Ukraine

You can argue long about the difficult legacy of the Tartar yoke, the devastating consequences of serfdom, the introduction of a specific orthodoxy, but in the end it comes down to anyway that seizing and stealing something in this country (especially stealing modern Western technology) was always more profitable than to work honestly . It is easier to export the equipment of occupied factories in Germany and Ukraine, to take away the neighbors territory under the deceitful slogans of protecting "Russian World", or live as they used to, without changing anything.

Putin has no leverages to achieve his goals in Ukraine. But he understands that the expansion of the war will be unprofitable. Because now, when Russia thanks to his efforts became poorer country and a pariah on the world stage, he might try to go for broke to pass on to someone responsibility for his geopolitical and economic failures. He miscalculated not only with Ukraine, but also with Syria and only force can now appease him.

Putin persistently tries to review the system of international security, which was created after the Second World War, which rested on absolute performance and compliance with all terms of the signed international agreements.

Demonstrative Putin's refusal to respect the assumed contractual obligations, his claims to replace the existing system of international security division of the world into the "zones of influence" in the interests of Moscow, just turned Russia to pariah, with whom the civilized world does not want to deal with.

Putin and his regime is abnormal disease which continued to progress unless the correct diagnosis and the effective drugs would treat it.

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How to stop Russia?

To stop Putin we should calculate what steps may be necessary, what actions in total could be effective in this way. First, despite the fact that Ukraine is still not a member of the NATO defense alliance, we need to consider the deployment of NATO bases on the border with Russia in Ukrainian regions. Second, we should immediately give permission to place on Ukrainian territory the American air defense systems Patriot, similar to those are already placed by the US in Poland. Third, the US and NATO would have to give Ukraine a modern lethal defensive weapons so that it could defend itself against Russian aggression.

Fourth: to find ways to stimulate the Ukrainian leadership to accelerate economic reforms internally. Because only in case of a successful fight against corruption and a sharp raise of living standards in Ukraine it will be possible to successfully integrate temporarily occupied by Russia territories - Crimea and Donbas. Fifth, to arrest the financial assets and the real estate or Putin’s entourage and Russian oligarchs in Western countries. Sixth: Ukraine should submit to international court proceedings for damages appeared during Russian occupation of its lands. And in the case of Russia’s reluctance of withdrawal from territories of Ukraine, as indemnification should be arrested the Russian property abroad. And the revenues from its sales should be transmitted to the Ukrainian side. Seventh: dramatically increase the sanctions not only against Russia and Putin's entourage, but also against their families. Eighth: to prohibit activities of Russian banks and any other financial institutions in Ukraine.

For all this we must be aware of whom the democratic world today is concerned. After all, Putin is a phenomenon of inadequacy in international politics.

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