For countries like Ukraine, there is less space for maneuvering in current geopolitics

Author : Roman Komyza

Source : 112 Ukraine

Now Ukraine is not floating in the warm geopolitical bath of the 1990s, but floundering in the cold open storming sea of ​​a new geopolitics
19:47, 28 March 2018

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Trump expels 60 Russian diplomats ... What's next? And then, following the US, the allies in Europe and not only in it did the same. Plus new sanctions. It is easy to assume that Russia will take retaliatory measures, and so the new arms race is under way.

The world is being increasingly polarizing, and for countries like Ukraine, there is less room for maneuver. In such a situation, for such countries, there are usual problems every day, followed by fateful decisions, such as on the eve of the First or Second World War. From these decisions, life and death issues depend. These are problems that cannot be postponed until later. And here the situation is aggravated also by the fact that in Ukraine all 27 years of its indepandence postponed solving problems for later. And the saddest thing is that such a policy has always been in demand by the population and voters. And here you are: instead of songs, jokes and fun - a new cold war.

Hence the conclusion. Any policy that prioritizes the logic of a carefree inner expectation and a slow external drift is doomed to failure and, as a result, the dismantling of statehood. Why? Because there is no longer any reserve of economic strength. In addition, Ukraine is now not in the warm geopolitical bath of the 1990s, but floundering in the cold open storming sea of a new geopolitics, where thousands of bloodthirsty sharks are also swarming.

That's why now populism is Ukraine's number one enemy. And it does not matter what it is: raising pensions and salaries of state employees without real growth of the economy or renaming the streets without a proper replacement of the road surface.

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