Five ways to meet football fans at UEFA Champions League finals in Kyiv

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There should have been a joke about painted faces of the policemen, but at the last moment, we had to change everything
10:16, 23 May 2018

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A few days ago, an idea was announced to paint faces of the policemen that would meet the fans. They had to be painted in the colors of the finalists' teams of the Champions League.

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It was a good idea, really hilarious. Just imagine: the fans arrive in "Boryspil" airport, get out of the plane, pass into the hall, and there they are met by a policeman and a border guard, who would look like this:

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Imagine a group of people, headed by some important lieutenant-colonel dressed like this:


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But no. As the head of Kyiv police, Andriy Kryshchenko said, they have discussed the issue and decided that "the police do not need it".

But the fans are looking forward to it. Moreover, I am sure that we have prepared for something more than just decorated faces.

For example, a group of fans of Liverpool comes to the police, whose faces are in the colors of Liverpool, and they together yell “You never walk alone”.

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Then (in order to show hospitality of Kyiv) they all go to the bar together, get drunk and go for a walk around the city in search of the fans of Everton, Liverpool’s worst enemy.

That would be a swing, that would be an unforgettable meeting!

But they refused. Although the craving for creativity, apparently, has no end. It seems that the organizers are looking for all sorts of options so that the fans will remember the Champions League final forever.

Let us see what else can be done as the painted faces idea was canceled. 

Method 1

A show

"We want to show that we have power, law enforcement agencies, that they are incredibly friendly and glad to meet all our guests," said a representative of Kyiv city administration, responsible for organizing the Champions League final.

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There is nothing better than meeting fans at the airport with something like tricks, juggling, funny jokes, and acrobatic elements. And it would be something unexpected and original. For example, a group of fans of "Real" arrives and sees something like this:

Method 2

The Pavelko Cup

A very original and unexpected step could be drawing the Champions Cup among the fans right at the airport.

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Why not? It is a brilliant idea.

Moreover, this approach simplifies the final situation: the cup will be played among the fans immediately upon arrival, and many of them, who for various reasons cannot get to the football field, would not be so upset.

And the players will not be harmed if they raise a cup of Ukraine, not a cup of champions.

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Method 3

A loaf

Girls in national clothes, with a loaf in their hands, are an indispensable attribute of meetings at the highest level. Isn’t the arrival of fans the highest level? Trash and Ukrainian national symbols – it is necessary to maintain the traditions.


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Method 4

Fur coats and dollars

As far as there are rumors about Kyiv’s high cost, it is necessary to maintain this impression.

You can take just use the clips of various rap artists, understandable to a foreign man, or simply the actions of shocking celebrities.

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After that, the guests would get used to the high prices, so they would spend a lot of money here - profit.


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Method 5

Apparently, the most difficult way is to do as it is done in a civilized country: without unnecessary problems, constraints, and excesses.

See you all at the upcoming finals of the Champions League.

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