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How Donald Trump became the leader of America. Chronology
16:26, 12 November 2016

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We wrote dozens of articles, hundreds of news, picked countless photos and videos for you during this year. All of this was to cover the elections of the President in the USA. No matter how you look at it, this event is difficult to assess for the new Administration in the White House will call the tune of international politics for whole four years to come. And it’s important to us that our readers understand what influenced the decision of Americans and who is the new US President.

Donald Trump is a newly-elected President of America. The elections in the USA came to an end. Finally. That’s how most of the Americans feel right now, tired from this whole year long electoral race. Someone is disappointed, another one is content, but all of them agree that it’s about time to return to their routine pace as life goes on and someone has to work.

And, of course, they are right. But before the American electoral race becomes history and Donald Trump makes himself at home at the White House, we invite you, our dear readers, who followed the election news together with us starting from balloting, primaries and party congresses up until the results announcement, to refresh in our memory the moments of this year’s most important event. So, let’s start from the beginning.

The electoral system of the USA is as old as the United States themselves. And it’s a sturdy foundation of the American federalism. Not many people in our country know how the leader of the most powerful country of the world is chosen. Paradoxically not many people know about it in the United States too. The US electoral system is so variable, confusing and interesting that it deserves most detailed examination. 

The next step was nomination of candidates. Many candidates made it to the primaries. We wrote about the main contenders for the party nomination. In articles we explained who were Ted Cruz,  Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and what differs them from each other, their ideas.

At the same time we followed the flow of the campaign itself. America meeting its first Super Tuesday, Trump and Clinton taking the lead for the first time, then building up their advantage, Trump tripping in Ohio, New York voting, Trump promising to crush "crooked Hillary" and calling Cruz a “liar”. In June the primaries were over with Trump and Clinton winning the majority of votes.

The campaign was accompanied by numerous scandals. These were at first produced solely by Trump. So that America and Europe started debating about the Western civilization crisis.

And then the scandal about the Russian interference with the electoral campaign broke. Supposedly Russian developers hacked servers of the Democratic Party and stole some secret information, suspicion that the Kremlin promotes Trump in the elections appeared. American media started looking for the leads and the origin of Trump’s interest in Russia. Some insisted that the Kremlin stole incriminating evidence on billionaire to keep him on the hook.

So Trump was plunging into scandals day after day. First he talked stuff about Crimea’s annexation, infuriating Ukrainian politicians. In July Kyiv was swearing at Trump so much, that some feel a little ashamed now. And it’s not only about Arsen Avakov. Sergey Leshchenko for example started and kept up for a while the scandal with Paul Manafort, Trump’s political strategist, who once worked for Yanukovych and his Party of Regions. Trump’s complicated relationship with Kyiv were discussed in influential American media,

When Trump chose Mike Pence as a candidate for the Vice-President, many saw this as a sign that Trump-candidate and Trump-President are two different people. As Pence is an exemplary conservator and a fairly good specialist and he proved that, crushing his opponent Tim Kane on TV debates for the Vice-President position candidates.

Hillary Clinton also experienced all the “joys” of electoral technologies at the end of summer. Earlier she was haunted by the threat of withdrawal from the elections and jail because she used personal email account during her service in the State Department; later FBI closed this case. But all of a sudden Hillary got ill, rumors about pneumonia started to spread. Hillary’s age made people wonder how other world leaders looked like in their 69 year of life. Media raised an issue of the corporations in the electoral campaign.

In autumn the States were anticipating TV debates. In America it’s a show so popular that it equals the Super Bowl, finals of the football season. This is not only the opportunity to find out how the candidates see their country’s future for the next four years, but it’s also big money. The first round of the debates took place on September 26. Clinton won them in the end but people noticed something else. Photoshop contests, social nets exploded with criticism and local media showed that both candidates were not completely honest.

At the same time the situation in Syria escalated to the breaking point – Russian Armed Forces assaulted Aleppo. Obama’s Administration was criticized mercilessly by both American and world media. It influenced Clinton too, as she was part of this policy but she did not have the solution for this problem. Trump was using this shortcoming till the very end.

The second round debates were shadowed by two things. The first one was a scandal with Trump harassing several women. Some sordid details appeared in the media, many prominent politicians of the Republican Party turned their backs to the candidate. And the second one was about a fly that sat on Hillary Clinton’s brow during the debates. The happy fly even got its page in Twitter and it interested Americans much more than the ideas of the Democratic candidate.

The third decisive round was in Las-Vegas. Experts’ opinion on the possible winner split. It seemed that the audience voted for Clinton but critics assumed that Trump was more assertive.

Scandals, candidates’ negative ratings and distrust of Americans forced the media and influential politicians to address the theme of the need for electoral system reform.

In the meantime, on the eve of the elections, we wrote about technical details of voting in the USA – the possibility to order the ballot by mail and to vote in advance, how the ballot looks like, whether you can do selfie at the polling station and much more. We also wrote about the position of the President – everything from US leader’s salary to the curses of the White House. Whom did the celebrities support - Trump or Clinton. For example, Mike Tyson, "gloried" for Donald, and he got it right.

As expected the Americans met the Election Day not only at the polling stations, but also in the internet with new Photoshop contests. And who did the Americans of Ukrainian origin vote for?

Eventually Trump won on November 8. Not only Ukrainians, but the Americans were shocked by this. Many even think about emigrating to Canada. The world has embraced the news quite controversially too.

We gathered all the quotations of the elected President about Ukraine. We collected all the quotes of Ukrainian authorities about Trump – it turned out that it can complicate the establishing contacts with the new Administration. American media started ponding how the rebel will fit in the well-established and conservative political system of the USA. There were a lot of arguments - whether to worry about Trump’s victory or not. The majority still advise not to worry about it too much.

Meanwhile, Trump made the winning speech, in which he called everybody to unite and promised to become the President of all the Americans. Later, Clinton and Obama acknowledged Trump’s win to be deserved, called for all the Americans to accept the winner, saying that if Donald is successful, the country will be successful. "We all are one team," Obama said.

Not everyone in the United States has agreed with this though. Many stars protested, expressed their contempt in social networks. The world leaders congratulated Trump on his victory immediately, expressing their expectations for cooperation with him.

All the experts, analysts, sociologists who predicted Clinton’s victory almost unanimously were seriously confounded by the elections result. Especially against the animals “voting” for Trump.

After the announcement of the results, we had no other choice, but to tell you about the new US President as much as possible. Introduce him and his wife, Melania, his luxurious penthouse, the President’s acting heritage and his future cabinet. Of course, we do not know all the candidates for the cabinet yet but the media found out about some of the potentially lucky people. For example, the post of the State Secretary is promised to the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich and Senator Bob Corker.

And while Ukraine speculates why we are "the biggest loser" after the Trump’s election, in the United States, Barack Obama is preparing to hand over the White House to the new leader of the state. Eight years as head of one of the most powerful countries in the world were a handful to Obama, but it seems they were even more so for the most ardent opponents of the former President.

Obama's support rate, according to the CNN / ORC data is 54%, which is comparable to Ronald Reagan in 1988 (54%) and the Democrat Bill Clinton in 2000 (57%). That's a lot. We tried to analyze what the 44th US President contributed in the history of the world and his country. 

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