Fine line between army and illegal armed formation in Ukraine

Author : Taras Volynets

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It turns out that you don't need to comply with terms of your army contract - it's simply enough to declare a "hunger strike"
17:36, 19 July 2017

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Soldiers of 54th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declared a hunger strike because of the forced transfer of fighters to other units without their consent. This was reported on Facebook page by a soldier of the 54 brigade Yana Krasna. Later she noted that the higher command satisfied their demand and transferred all interested to one unit - the part of 46 separate battalion of special purpose "Donbas-Ukraine".

In Ukraine, the search for justice is an integral part of every citizen's life. But when the questions concern the defense of Motherland, then this should be left on the background. Service in army is strikingly different from ordinary civil life. And every person who enters the military service must understand this.

The basis for the recruitment of the national armed forces is contract servicemen who voluntarily sign it. This form of the employment contract determines all the features of military service, and also provides social guarantees as a reward for all hardships and restrictions.

At the same time, volunteers who signed a contract with the 54th separate mechanized brigade six months ago tried to avoid the commander's order to move them to other military units for further service through starvation. Yes, they wanted to serve in the same unit, yes, they had the most sincere and most determined intentions to protect Ukraine from armed aggression from Russia. But failure to comply with the order is a criminal responsibility, and the promise of the brigade commander to let them serve together in the same company has no legal force. The 46th separate battalion of special purpose "Donbas-Ukraine" helped to solve the situation, and united all the volunteers in its composition.

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However, the question arises: how long will continue the manipulation of commanders' orders through fasting and messages in social networks? The military leadership’s fulfillment of such "conditions" of their subordinates creates prerequisites for the transformation of the army into an illegal armed formation. Tomorrow, commanders of operational units can get a situation when not only some servicemen but also whole platoons, companies, battalions will dream of another place of service. This incident undermines the whole vertical of subordination and destroys one-man management.

The contract for citizens of Ukraine regarding the military service in the Armed Forces clearly stated: they will serve in the armed forces during the period of contract in accordance with the requirements specified by law. And taking into account the fact that an undeclared war in Ukraine continues, the commander, whom is given such a right, can carry out personnel reshuffle, based on the availability of vacant posts, received military specialty or moral and working qualities of a serviceman.

On the other hand, why does the policy of staffing holes continue to be noticed in the Armed Forces of Ukraine? It's hard to believe that the commander did not need people who want and know how to fight. At present, 54th separate mechanized brigade is on recovery after performing a combat mission on the Svitlodarsk arc. It is obvious that the personnel decision was taken by the higher headquarters, in which the serviceman is treated as an ordinary figure that can increase or decrease the percentage of manning in staff statistical files.

In general, the military leadership needs to react less to public opinion in the media. The unit is headed by the commander, who takes the appropriate position and gives orders, but not the public, which in most cases is incompetent.

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