Fight for administrative resources in Ukraine

Author : Serhiy Soroka

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine has got new "Medvedchuk" in president’s administration and new "Chechetov" in Verkhovna Rada
23:05, 7 October 2016

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With the beginning of new political, promotion of the odious bill №4370-1 continues. The authors of the bill are Andriy Reka (People’s Front) and Artur Gerasimov (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko), who represent the President in the Verkhovna Rada.

The bill is aimed to bring the heads of regional and district administrations out of the rule of the new law on civil service on competitive selection of civil servants. Specifically, the bill №4370-1 proposed to create a separate commission for competitions for posts of heads of regional administrations, which would be a puppet in the hands of presidential administration.

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One of the main reasons of the need for approval of the bill was called the uncertainty of the start of the Commission’s work and the start of a competition of the heads of the regional administrations.

It should be noted that almost all the vacancies in the regional administrations appeared before May 1, 2016. That means that the issue of the vacancies should be resolved by the president’s administration, not by the newly formed Commission.

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What new has happened during this time in Parliament? September 22, an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee of State building was held in order to approve the Committee odious bill. Committee Chairman Serhiy Vlasenko was on a mission, so the meeting was headed by MP Olena Lyedovskyh. You can find more detailed information on the voting on the Facebook page of Aliona Shkrum.

Comment of Shkrum: "Committee is repealing the reform of public service. 9 am. All members of the Committee from PF, BPP, and Renaissance vote on the orders of Gerasimov."

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Gerasimov’s conducting at the committee meeting and recalls conducting of the Chechetov. What was the need to urgently convene the committee to approve the bill?

That day, the Parliament also voted for a bill on special confiscation. So, obviously, the votes were recruited by the rule “you give it to me, I give it to you.” (BPP + PF + Renaissance).


- A negative opinion on the bill №4370-1 of the main scientific and expert management;

- A negative opinion of Special adviser of the government of Ukraine on decentralization Daniel Popescu (Council of Europe),

- Expressed concern of the ambassador of Great Britain and of the EU,

Gerasimov & Co continue to push their odious bill.

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Although Gerasimov as deputy does not emphasize that the bill is initiated by him,  but it is obvious that presidential administration is interested in maintaining its status quo in the appointment of heads of local administrations.

The roots of this full control of the local governments, which, are the executive, not the presidential power, are drawn to the half-hearted norms of the existing Constitution on the separation of powers.

When adopting a new Basic Law in 1996, MPs actually gave birth to the hybrid fourth branch – the president one. Although the current Constitution clearly defines the powers of the president as head of state, Ukrainian presidents and their administrations always claim to have unconstitutional control over local administrations.

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First, it is an administrative resource for parliamentary and presidential elections for the pro-presidential party.

Second, local administrations has always been a corrupt powerful resource, especially in Odesa, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Kyiv regions. Income from smuggling, sale of land, licenses for mining, and use of mineral resources – all these things gave a good income from the government and the party fund.

Voiced by Gerasimov factors do not work, because experts and some MPs in the working groups and the Committee were offered some compromise.

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On the one hand, they give the president the right to a transition period or a period of "special status" to appoint heads of city administrations under the old rules. That is, the president’s administration has already chosen the candidates, the Cabinet “offers” these candidates, and the president appoints the "right" candidates. On the other hand, in such a way they follow the European principles of public service, laid down in the new law on public service.

However, any compromises of Gerasimov are rejected. They need everything and forever!

Given the loss of reputation, it would not be beneficial for the president to get some, which are not proscribed in the Constitution it should not belong.

Maybe someone really wants the new Ukrainian Medvedchuk in order to have an unofficial but strong shadow effect on politics.

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