Fatal tea party: Putin's hand in death of Litvinenko

Author : Matvei Ganapolski

Source : 112 Ukraine

The coldness concerning case of Litvinenko will not disappear without a trace - Ganapolsky
13:26, 22 January 2016

Russian and Ukrainian journalists, film actor, theater and film director, and public figure Matvei Ganapolsky in Echo Msk presented his view on murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer of the Russian FSB secret service, who left his state and became a citizen of Britain that does not prevent him from highly criticizing actions of Russian authorities. In 2006 Litvinenko was poisoned via a cup of tea with Polonium-210.

UK criminal investigation the death of Alexander Litvinenko who specialized in tackling organized crime, has already ended. The verdict is the next: he was poisoned by Lugovoi and Kovtun, and the operation was possibly approved by Nikolai Patrushev, Russian political security figure, and, of course, Vladimir Putin. Well, Patrushev seems to be a quite neutral figure; his name would be added to some sanctions list, if not already included.

As for Putin, here we have a more complicated situation. Of course, there is no evidence of his direct involvement or indication to kill, so it is "just a theory." However, it is just what seems to us at first glance. In various Western publications have appeared some ideas that it smells like new sanctions. It sounds like absurd, what sanctions  are we talking about if we have no sure confirmation However, in relation to Putin, the West operates with a completely different logic. I would call it "the demarcation of the black hole."

As you know, the black hole cannot be seen - it is far, and black. Nevertheless, there is a trick in astronomy, when they look at supposed area and watch the stars surrounding it. For example, in the center of our galaxy, the stars somehow unnatural whirl with great speed on unusual orbits. And it is clear that these strange movements are “managed” by the supermassive black hole. The world cannot trace the malicious instructions from Putin, he even suggested that the Jews flee to Russia from the world of anti-Semitism. He is a good boy, as we see. But we can see some “dark side of the moon” as well. For example, Lugovoi, the suspect in the murder of Litvinenko, immediately became a member of the State Duma. While the timing of this fact could be mere coincidence, that is not the whole story.

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Next figure under a risk became Nemtsov, and Putin keeps silence. Then Nemtsov is kill. Some attempts to interrogate Chechens as the suspects, but they are not allowed to question. Putin keeps silence.

Now Chechnya intimidates the journalists and the opposition. Putin is silent again.

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The logic of the Kremlin is very simple, quod licet Jovi… Why not? However, the guilt of the leader is not always determined not by his actions, but rather by his inaction. The fact that the president is obliged to defend the Constitution, in which the main objective is security of its own citizens. Does someone need some more facts that Putin does nothing for it?

By the way, Russia’s adventure in Donbas, - yes, Putin has admitted the participation of Russia in it, - resulted into casualties among Russian troops. So here, the national leader has no ways to go back – he personally voiced it.

Why president’s name becomes more often involved into notorious deaths, murders, wars, and terrorizations?

He has, apparently, his own answer, but the response of the West is simple: Putin’s silence means his approval. This position could be taken by any citizen, except for the president. But the coldness concerning cases of Litvinenko and Nemtsov will not disappear without a trace.  The effects will be felt soon.

Of course, you treat white as black and black as white. In name only. For example, Kremlin now mockingly declares that there is no collapse of the ruble, and calls it "volatility". Oh what a relief, right?

But I think that sanctions will not “nominal”, but real ones. License to kill can be issued to James Bond. But not to the president.

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