Faceless team and terrible football - causes and consequences

Author : Sergiy Zaburannyi

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What's wrong with Ukrainian national team and how to handle it?
12:04, 18 June 2016

Ukrainian national team lost again– this time it was their second match at Euro against Northern Ireland – and finally earned its departure from the championship. What could be a bad dream of our fans became real, and without a distinct resistance. Mykhaylo Fomenko’s team has conceded in all - in attitude to the game, in desire to win, in tactics.

If we proceed from the starting lineup and tactical schemes of both coaches, then it becomes obvious that from the two coaches only Michael O’Neill was searching for something new in his football tactics. He acknowledged his unsuccessful experiments in the game with Poland and was not afraid to make serious adjustments in the lineup. O'Neill has made six changes to the starting lineup, most courageous of which are the transfer of the main forward Lafferty to the substitutes and benching the Manchester United representatives McNair. As a result of such decisions Ukraine’s rivals offered the balance of the game, similar to ours. It seemed that it was an attempt to play more compactly and neutralize our superiority on the flanks. Looking ahead, we note that this idea has justified itself.

The coaching staff of the national team of Ukraine after the match with Germany, seems to have been satisfied with the overall game pattern, and therefore made only one change - taking Seleznyov as forward. Not sure it was the right decision, even though it’s logical. But I'm not in vain remembered the game with Poland during which talented player Lewandowski was disarmed by contenders. The new game confirmed my fears - with the tactical scheme offered by Mykhailo Fomenko, Seleznyov had no chance to achieve his potential. Our football stars were not able to support the team in attack, they were increasingly shifted to the center, and finally got stuck in the Irish swamp.

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The first missed goal – it’s truly the classics of our team. Oh, how much it has been said about the danger of standards in modern football, especially at the level of national teams! But there’s no progress in Ukrainian tactics, and in the two games at Euro 2016 we missed the first goal two times with the standards. And among the Irish it’s almost the only weapon in their attack. The opponent used his trump card, and we were unable to change the game.

What is interesting, judging by the replacements, Fomenko and his assistants were fully satisfied of what was happening in the field until the 70th minute of the match, and even the missed goal did not confuse them. And the subsequent changes were purely the changes by positions as such we would not have to change something and save the game. Why Fomenko decided to remove Seleznyov and where is playing with two forwards? And was it so necessary to take Garmash to the field? This year his football is not going well. Coaching solutions were as illogical as the playing of the team on the field. Chaos reigns not only among the players, chaos reigns also among the coaching staff.

It is important to understand that we are not so much worrying about our national team’s defeat, but about the Ukrainian team image on the football field. Faceless and terrible game just stunned every fan while watching the match. Ukraine national team was the helpless, inert team that did not know what to do and how to deal with their contenders. We lacked movement, we lost mobility. We have not offered our pace, we adjusted to the opponent, and the worst thing is that this was the game plan. Head coach Mykhaylo Fomenko likes to point out that he does not intend to risk, because that is not a casino. Then how can we explain the fact that our entire strategy comes down to one thing - do not allow our opponent to play and hope for the opponent's mistakes. In the end, it turns out that who scores first, becomes the boss here. Hit or miss, red or black - just casinos principle in action. The game lasted until the first goal, we missed the first, and that was the end for us.

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Our team was so imbued with the spirit of the coaching staff ideas that preferred to not only avoid the risk on the field, but the responsibility as well. In the team there is no leader who can go on an embrasure and save the match himself, contrary to the game of the team. There are no individuals on the field, just the faceless mass of yellow shirts, which hadn’t enough concentration to win the match.

Undoubtedly, the Ukrainian team failed the Euro that we have been waiting for so long. After 2 rounds, we can proudly think only of fifteen last minutes in the first half of match with Germany. This continuous dullness and emptiness is not enough for a member of the Euro-2016. Yes, we have sensational team, but it’s a bad sensation. Nobody expected such a failure. No tournament points, no goals - but you hold on there. Have a good mood!

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