Everyone who respects Ukraine should respect its border

Author : Iryna Gerashchenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

First Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko on Saakashvili’s crossing of the Ukrainian border
10:59, 12 September 2017

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The assessment of this situation is unambiguous: this is a serious violation of the border, it is an attempt to humiliate the border guards, who today heroically perform their work on all the borders of Ukraine. These are actions just unacceptable, especially in those days when "Anti-Zapad-2017" exercises, which Putin called "Zapad 2017" exercise, take place on our borders. The whole world is watching this, and Russian television broadcasts humiliation of Ukrainian border guards, when it is not clear who is pushing the young law enforcer, when someone shouts at a hero of anti-terrorist operation… These are just inadmissible things.

I do not think that all the parties have acted wisely, all these mechanisms of granting, depriving, appointing, dismissing… But one must understand that he might be dismissed from any office he is assigned to. As for citizenship, if the rights of a citizen of Ukraine are violated, a citizen of Ukraine must go to court and defend his rights there. together with his lawyers. We have a norm, according to which a person can be a lawyer on a voluntary basis and give her testimony.

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In general, it simply scares me that some deputies of the Verkhovna Rada say that our military are illegally located in Donbas, while the others break through the border... Such actions ignore the key Ukrainian policies - respect for the Ukrainian border.

Therefore, I want to highlight two points in this whole story. First, if someone agrees or disagrees with his appointment-dismissal or the granting-depriving of something, one must go to court. There is a judicial procedure. If you do not like Ukrainian courts, then go to international ones. There is a civilized procedure. As for the Ukrainian border, it is just incomprehensible. And why all these people instead of crossing the western border, do not run to protect the eastern one?

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 Why did not they allow themselves to behave in such a way on the Georgian or Russian border, or Chongar (largest entry and exit checkpoint at the administrative border with the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea – Ed.)? This is an absolute disrespect, politicking. This is not the border of Poroshenko, Gerashchenko, Avakov, Tymoshenko, Saakashvili, journalists or deputies. This is the state border of Ukraine, and everyone who respects Ukraine should respect its border.

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