European police may also confiscate servers without any prior notice, or secure hosting myth busted

Author : Maxim Ritvin

Source : 112 Ukraine

A story indicative of doing business in a European county
17:43, 7 April 2017

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Pressure on IT-companies by the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies has already become has become proverbial. Everyone remembers the story of shutting down of Ukraine’s most popular file-exchanger and, searches at and many others, less famous.

In the result, dozens of providers and thousands of users paid their attention on the European market of hosting. Germany became one of the most popular destinations to locate the hardware. How does it work? Providers rent servers in Germany and sell Ukrainians hosting services for the websites. The problems with Security Service of Ukraine and Internal Ministry are solved, it should seem. But no such luck!

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The clients of the provider noticed that the web-sites on German hosting stopped operating in the evening of April 6. Hetzner, the Cityhost’s German partner, didn’t admit the existence of the problem, saying that the problems are out of their responsibility, and everything is going well with them. I won’t exert you with technical terms, but our specialists spent 12 hours checking everything “on our side”. In the result, the Germans replied our next request the next morning reporting that there was a search in the data-center and the Police of Germany seized hard drives with the clients’ data and web-sites.

The letter from the data arrived in the morning, it said that all our equipment was confiscated by the German police in relation to the some investigation... No other nitty-gritty from the provider, just the advice to appeal to German police.

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So, the situation is as follows: the web-sites do not work, we can’t influence the situation form Ukraine. Our German partners advise us to sort it out with police independently.

In fact, it turns out that server and web-site hosting abroad isn’t 100% guarantee of steady operation. Like in Ukraine – Police of Germany confiscates servers without giving any reason, disrupting hundreds of clients of the hosting providing companies.

By the way, the difference of realities in Ukraine and Europe does exist. It lies in the attitude towards the client.

How is it happening here – they come and confiscate.

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What happens in Europe – they come, confiscate, CONNECT ANOTHER equipment, but they never say a word about that.

We do have the possibility to restore the data of our clients from Ukrainian back-ups. And this is what we are doing at the moment.

So, what’s the conclusion? It’s very simple. Europe is not a universal remedy. Paddle own canoe and a baack-up.


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