Does Ukraine need renewable energy? (Part 2)

Author : Oleksandr Dombrovsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Renewable energy facilities with solar power (55.9%) and wind farms (35.15%) have the highest capacity in Ukraine
10:00, 25 February 2016

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The development of renewable energy in Ukraine

Founder of Virgin Corporation Richard Branson, one of the most influential businessmen in the world, said: "If I had invested money in the Ukrainian company, I would have chosen those, which work in the field of clean energy".

January 1, 2015 in Ukraine the capacity of renewable energy facilities operating under the "green" tariff, was 1 462.2 MW. It is less than 2% of the total installed capacity of Ukrainian energy and a hundred times less in comparison to the world leader, China.

All this work on private investments, state budget was not engaged to build the capacity of these resources. For comparison, the construction of nuclear power would cost $ 10 billion for the state budget.

Ukraine’s renewable energy facilities with solar power (55.9%) and wind farms (35.15%) have the highest capacity.

However, despite the changes to legislation and the adoption of National Action Plan on renewable energy, 2015 was a year of stagnation, but not year of development of Ukrainian "green" energy.

Thus, the total generation of "green" energy in 2015 compared to 2014 decreased by more than 250 million kWh, or 13%. Significantly, small hydroelectric generation fell by more than 30%,. And this trend is observed for the second year in a row.

Generation of solar and wind energy has also reduced. The positive trend in 2015 wasthat generation of electricity from biomass and biogas increased by 35%, but their share in total generation was less than 0.1%.

"Green" energy in Ukraine maintained its share in total generation at 1.22% only by reducing the total generation of electricityin 2015 to almost 22 billion kWh or 13% compared to 2014 year.

If you combine the share of "green" energy - 1.22%, large hydro - 3.3% regulating hydro-accumulating power - 1% - by 2015, you would get about 5.5%. It is wuite a small figure, based on the commitments of Ukraine to the EU and taking into account that we have less than four years until the indicative 2020 year.

According to Bloomberg, in order to achieve in 2020 11% share of energy from renewable sources in final energy consumption Ukraine needsto attract $ 18 billion investment. Taking into concideration war and economic crisis, it is a very difficult task.

Hopes for quick installation of solar power for households in terms of creating an effective solar electricity distribution network throughout Ukraine arebootless. At the beginning of 2016, 244 objects were installed, which in 2015 produced only 410 thousand kWh, and this is a drop in the ocean.

We should take into account economic multipliers.

"Green" energy means modern technology, the development and introduction of domestic science, jobs, power decentralization, development of small and medium businesses, additional taxes to the budgets of all levels.

This is alignment of the trade balance and the preservation of the currency due to the substitution of imported gas Ukrainian biomass.

Beyondthe planetary horizon

Back in 1891, physicist Nikola Tesla said that the world is immersed in a huge energy ocean. Earth is moving in the infinite space with incredible speed.

Everything rotates, moves, and all this is energy. People have faced a daunting task: to find ways of its production. Then, taking it from this inexhaustible source, mankind will move forward with giant steps.

Some would say that "green" energy is not cheap. But is it possible to determine the price that we had to pay for the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster?

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