Demiurges of Ukraine's cinema: The most productive filmmakers of the decade

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Nine domestic filmmakers released at least three full-length films in the 2010s
21:45, 28 August 2018

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The number of Ukrainian films has been increasing in the last decade. According to Ukrainian State Film Agency, in the 2010s, there were no films released in Ukraine. And in 2017, already 34 of our films were released. As a result of this year, the number of domestic movies should exceed 40.

We have counted that nine filmmakers have simultaneously released three or more full-length films in the 2010s. Another two directors have presented two full-length works and one short film for the same period.

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The leader in the number of premiers is director Volodymyr Tykhy. His name is listed in 11 film strips, released over the past eight years. However, only two of these works are full-length feature films: "The Green Jacket" (2014) and Brahma (2018).

Volodymyr Tykhy

In 2013, Tykhy initiated the "Babylon 13" film project. Within its framework, several hundred documentaries were created about current events in Ukraine. For this work, the director was awarded the Shevchenko Prize. Within the framework of "Babylon'13" Tykhy has created three documentary films "Stronger than Weapons" (2014), "Our Hope" (2014) and "The Prisoners" (2016).

In addition, Tykhy has released six short films, which were shown in the "Mudaky. Arabesques" (2011) almanac and "Ukrainian New Wave" (2013).

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In the 2010s, “difficult child” of the Ukrainian cinema Oleksandr Shapiro has released five full-length feature films: "I do not know" (2013), "Apartments" (2014), APART (2014), "Eight" (2016) and #futureinthepast (2016).

Oleksandr Shapiro

Some of Shapiro's works go far beyond cinema and are more like dreams or painful fever visions.

Four films were presented by Valentyn Vasyanovich: "Commonplace" (2013), “Credence” (2014), “Black Level” (2017), and the documentary work "Dusk" (2014). His last year's picture was nominated from Ukraine for "Oscar" in the category "Best film in a foreign language," but did not get into the short list of applicants. This director accurately depicts the truth of life.

Valentyn Vasyanovich

Another six directors have released three full-length movies. The most titled of them is Serhiy Loznytsia. In 2014, his documentary "Maidan" offered an unusual look at Euromaidan. This film was widely distributed in international festivals, so many foreigners analyzed the events in Ukraine from Loznytsia’s perspective.


In his last year's film "A Gentle Creature" the director put a bold sign of equality between prison and life in modern Russia. And this year he released his new drama "Donbas," in which he showed the absurdity of life in the occupied territories in the east of Ukraine. The film was awarded a director's prize in Cannes. In Ukraine, it will be released on October 18.

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Ahtem Seitablayev (Haytarma, 2013) is the most productive Ukrainian director of the last year. For 2017, he released just two full-time movies: "Another's prayer" and "Cyborgs." The last film has collected almost 1 million dollars. In addition, the picture received the "Golden Reindeer" of "Youth" film festival and six statuettes "Golden Dziga." Currently, this is the most intelligible Ukrainian film about the war in the Donbas.

112 Agency

Now Seitablayev is staring the historical drama "Zakhar Berkut", co-produced with the United States. The movie promises to become one of the most ambitious film projects in the history of Ukraine.

The author of The Birthday of Burzhuy serial Anatoly Mateshko actively combines shooting serials and feature films for cinemas. Almost every year he releases one new series and on average every two years - a full-length movie. In 2014, he presented Trumpeter, one of the best musical films for children in the history of our cinematography. And in 2016, he released a psychological drama about prisoners in the Donbas war.

Anatoly Mateshko

This year Mateshko will return to the children's cinema and on October 25 he will release the "Foxter and Max" film. It is about a 12-year-old schoolboy and his friend, a vice-versa-dog ad their adventures.

Lyubomyr Levitsky ("Lombard" 2013, "Shadows of Unforgettable Ancestors" 2013) is persistently trying to instill Ukrainian movie Hollywood standards.

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He shows Ukraine as one of the US states. His last for today comedy # SELFIEPARTY (2016), according to the creators, has been beneficial. This is a unique case for our cinema.

Lyubomyr Levitsky

A few years ago, the director began working on several large-scale films, under which he was seeking funding in Los Angeles. And the longer this period of search for American partners is delayed, the less it is believed that we will ever see these movies.

Films by Oleksiy Shaparev ("Kyiv Cake" 2014, "Battle Rule" 2017) collect low ratings. However, they are well perceived by the public. He presents a lot of motivational messages that will make any viewer believe that he will be able to cope with the greatest difficulties. December 6, the director will release the historical drama "Kruty 1918. Defense" (2018), which will tell about the legendary battle of Kyiv students for the independence of Ukraine.

Oleksiy Shaparev

Comedies of Dmytro Tomashpolsky have an original sense of humor. In 2014, he released the film "F 63.9 The Disease of Love," which described how the cosmonauts had sex in space. And this year the director mocked our film industry in his film “Rzhaka.”

Dmytro Tomashpolsky

In addition, in 2016, Tomashpolsky presented a documentary "Winning Everything" about the legendary Ukrainian coach Igor Turchyn. Under his leadership, the women's handball club "Spartak" (Kyiv) won all the possible awards around the world. The athlete was even included to the Guinness Book of Records.

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Two more directors in this decade have released two full meters and one short film.

For the first time, the director Zaza Buadze appeared on Ukraine’s screens in 2014 with a short film about life in Chornobyl exclusion zone "God Made a Step into Emptiness" (Almanac "Ukrainian New Wave 3"). And since last year his name has become associated with the military cinema. In 2017, he presented a drama about the uprising in the Soviet concentration camp "Chorvonyi", which received the "Golden Dziga" (for the costumes).

October 11 this year, the film Buadze about ATO "Callsign Banderas" will be released. The movie will transfer the viewer to the year 2014 and tell about the captain Anton Sayenko, who confronts the Russian bomber man Khodok.

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The master of provincial humor Arkadiy Nepitalyuk in 2016 impressed the audience with his short film "Krovianka". This film won the "Youth" award, and also received the "Golden Dziga." In 2017 the film was released in the framework of the anthology "Ukrainian New Wave 5." In the same year, he presented the full-length rural comedy "Priputni" (2017), revealing the vivid world of the Ukrainian remote places.

Arkadiy Nepitalyuk

Now, Nepitalyuk is working on an adventurous comedy "11 children from Morshyn." It will be released on December 27 and will tell you about the growing adventurers who "decided to play adult games." In his previous works this director tried to show our reality as realistically as possible, and in his new film, he has embellished the world in which we live.

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These 11 directors make up a general portrait of modern Ukrainian cinema, and we can clearly see how the growing number of our films resolutely turns into a qualitative product.

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