Dear Little Russians, I congratulate you!

Author : Olena Belozerska

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Now we are not Ukrainians, but Malorossians (means: Little Russians). Leader of the self-proclaimed in Eastern Ukraine DNR republic Alexander Zakharchenko himself renamed us.
21:36, 19 July 2017

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Congratulations to all of us on the new name of our people. Now we are not Ukrainians, but Malorussians (means: Little Russians). Zakharchenko himself renamed us. Declaring thereby a claim to power throughout the country.

Collaborators are trying to convert the situation into the real civil war. To create illusion for the West that there is a civil war between different stratums of society in Ukraine.

Here are the risks that I see now.

In response to the introduction of biometric passports for Russian citizens, Russia can introduce a visa regime for Ukrainians and, at the same time, visa-free travel for "citizens" of the fake "Little Russia". A sly thing, however. Thus, they will try to strengthen the stratification of Ukrainian society - so that unpatriotic Ukrainians, who "must" go to Russia and ORDLO, receive the passports of "Little Russia".

Then a certain number of "citizens of Little Russia" will appear on the territories under Ukraine's control. (It should be noted that the name "Little Russians" is very suitable for such people). Ukrainian law enforcement agencies will logically pursue them as state traitors. "Little Russia" (read: Russian Federation) will declare "the protection of its citizens against the intrigues of the illegitimate fascist junta," and Russia will give grounds to blackmail Ukraine with a full-scale invasion of the invitation of the "Little Russia government", without restriction to those territories where the Russian special services managed to organize "rebellion", not even stopping at the administrative borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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What should we do with this? Adoption of "Little Russia’s citizenship" is legislatively equated to joining a terrorist organization. Who went to Russia and during the return did not show a visa (because he traveled with "Malorussian" passport) – should be banned of entry.

Travel to the occupied territories should be closed (on the fourth year of the war - it's really a time to do this). Or rather, to allow one-way travel - there or here. Who is a Little Russian in his soul - let him go to ORDLO, sit there and wait for us.

Today's case also has a big plus. It’s a fact that by this "constitutional act" the collaborators de facto denounced the Minsk agreements. These agreements should have been denounced long ago, but we could not do it first. We should thank Zakharchenko for his step.

As we reported, the leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko claimed about the creation of the new state Malorossiya. However the Head of the People’s Council of LPR Vladimir Degtyarenko claimed that the militants did not participate in the discussion of the creation of Malorossiya. The world leaders commented the statement, among them Ukrainian President Poroshenko, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, German authorities also condemned Zakharchenko’s claim, as well as France.

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