Dangerous Games: West has turned sanctions in instrument of pressure on Russia

Author : Viktor Nebozhenko

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It is important to understand that the main goal for the West is not Putin himself, but the regime that will be formed after his departure
12:40, 18 January 2017

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What is behind the Trump’s proposals on the reduction of nuclear arms in exchange for the lifting of sanctions?

The first and most important thing for us. It turns out the sanctions against Russia administered by the West, are not directly linked to Putin's war against Ukraine, and the United States have turned it in an instrument of pressure on Russia. Outwardly, it looks like neglect of Ukraine in favor of the higher targets of the West - the fight against Putin's aggressive plans for the reconstruction of the world. But, on the other hand, now for the whole world it is clear that the invasion to Ukraine in March 2014 turned out to be not just the Kremlin's revenge to rebellious Ukraine, but the beginning of Putin's destruction of the entire world order.

Therefore, the help to Ukraine in the fight against Russia - is the direct responsibility of the civilized world for its self-defense. We have given the West a reliable tool of deterrence of Russian international aggression through the mechanism of sanctions. And Ukraine is transforming into an outpost of European security against Russia. If Ukraine remains standing – the Europe will also stand. In case of Ukrainian defeat the tanks of Great Novorossia will reach the Berlin suburbs.

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The second, but no less important. Trump's advisers were well aware of the unreality of their proposals about the exchange of sanctions on Russia's nuclear disarmament. But, after the predicted refusal of the Kremlin, the West has the full right to involve Russia in the second arms race that this country, in conditions of crisis, clearly will not cope with. Thus, Putin will have to restrain his generals by brutal methods or unleash a new international conflict. Both ways for him personally are extremely dangerous.

Finally, it is important to understand that the main goal for the West is not Putin himself, but the regime that will be formed after his departure. And then there are two ways - a military dictatorship or a conciliatory liberal government. The first option is much more dangerous than the rule of Putin, who is yet able to make compromises for the sake of his billions. But this can’t be said about the Russian military, which already felt the taste of blood and money after Ukrainian and Syrian conflicts. Now Russian generals want power. They are much more dangerous than the FSB with Putin and Sechin. Therefore it is very important for the West using Putin's hands, press down aggressive militarists of Russia, who actually lost two wars in Syria and Ukraine and now want revenge at any cost as a way to power.

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