Crimean Tatars: the endless pressure

Author : Serhiy Stelmakh

Source : 112 Ukraine

Russia's Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Crimean "judges" to ban the activities of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, what caused a new wave of repression against indigenous people
13:11, 10 October 2016

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"Authorities" of the republic are interested in the conflict between Crimean Tatars and their collaborators from among the compatriots.

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The very next day after the announcement of the verdict of the Supreme Court, six members of the representative body were called to the so-called Office of opposition to "extremism." They were accused of participation in the meetings that were allegedly prohibited. Security officials were interested in meeting at which was suspended membership of Crimean mufti Emirali Abalaeva and two other defectors. After the annexation of the head of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the peninsula and his subordinates took openly collaborationist stance. They openly ignore the persecution of compatriots, the fabrication of criminal cases on "heavy" items, illegal searches and arrests.

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A member of the Mejlis Mustafa Maushev, who was accused of participating in a meeting of "banned organization," required to address to him in his own language. Despite the fact that the "constitution" of the Republic listed Crimean Tatar as one of the official languages, Maushev’s claim was denied. The other day, as it became known that the house of a member of the regional Mejlis Theodosia Suleiman Kadyrov was raided. The majority of local mejlises are "under the hood" of the police and intelligence services.

Russian security officials are trying to squeeze out from the peninsula the most active representatives of the national government. There use the standard scheme - first start the administrative proceedings, impose fines, and then prosecute.

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Moscow and "Crimean government" are interested in the fact that the degree of inter-ethnic conflict has always been at the boiling point. Since the beginning of the blockade of the food supply Russian "authorities" have started xenophobic hysteria. Crimean Tatars are often called "traitors" for their pro-Ukrainian position. Local supporters of the Kremlin realize that Russia is a poor country, so they prefer to blame the Crimean Tatars in it. They say that all good things go from Moscow and personally from  Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the bad things  come of the indigenous people. After all, they support the hated Ukraine.

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When the Kremlin has the hope of the international legalization of "Russian" Crimea, the federal center tried to flirt with the indigenous people. Moscow was important to enlist its support in order to subordinates of Minister Sergei Lavrov could tell the Western colleagues, "Look, even the Crimean Tatars agree to join Russia." At first they enticed by offering quotas in government bodies, generous funding, promising to admit the Crimean Tatar language as official one, and promote the development of national culture. "Vice-Speaker" Remzi Ilyasov and his supporters claim that in the spring of 2014, the Majlis leadership was ready to cooperate with the Kremlin, but this was prevented by the rigid position of Mustafa Dzhemilev.

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Parallel to this, the Kremlin began to "spud" Mejlis opposition organizations and supporters of Remzi Ilyasov. After the dismissal of the owner of the TV channel ATR Lenur Islyamova from the post "deputy prime minister," the representative body overturned the decision on the delegation of representatives to the "Council of Ministers." In response, the republican authorities have tried to manually create national meeting based on Ilyasov’s movement "Qırım," but the venture failed.


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Strategy of Moscow concerning indigenous people changed with the reduced foreign position of Moscow. First, the Kremlin persuaded the West (especially Europeans) to publicly agree with the Russian status of the annexed the peninsula. The events of recent months have shown that tacit compromise on the peninsula is impossible. Russian president's administration does not know what to do with Crimea and the indigenous population.

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The persecution has targeted nature. Alas, not always would be like this. To divert the attention of the population from the economic failures, the security forces on of peninsula can stage or provoke a conflict on ethnic grounds. They accuse Crimean Tatars, which will give a reason to expand the crackdown not only on members of the representative body and their families, but also on the wider range of people. Failing all the "cunning plans," the Russian authorities oppress indigenous people. It involves destabilizing for the sake of destabilization. "The authorities' are interested in clashes between the pro-Ukrainian Crimean Tatars and collaborators serving the Russian administration. Indigenous representatives will pursued as long as Moscow keeps the territory under its control.

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