Crimean situation is a lesson for Donbas

Author : Andrey Kokotiukha

Source : 112 Ukraine

Everything that happens around the Crimea at this moment is exactly the case when there is no truth in the middle
13:03, 24 November 2015

Thus, the Ukrainian government has decided to stop trade with the Crimea. Whether it is temporary - is still not clear. We will learn with time, what products are not covered by the ban. But this happened not after the activists began an indefinite economic blockade of the occupied peninsula on their own, but after the transition from passive to active protest. Damaged power lines by explosion on the border with the Crimea and Kherson region, made it impossible to supply energy to a large part of the peninsula, and marked the beginning of a new blockade – power blockade.

Crimea is in the dark, Russia is furious, Poroshenko instructs to stop trucking to the Crimea by rail, Yatsenyuk calls to renegotiate the contract with Russia on the supply of energy (the Crimea is not called the Ukrainian territory any more, but the Federal District of the state-aggressor). The views of citizens who speak out in the media and social networks, have traditionally divided. One part is sorry for the children that because of the blackouts are not enrolled in kindergartens and schools, patients to whom the emergency surgery was not given executed, and Crimean Tatars – it’s necessary for them to “start to answer”, because Russia is not going to release prisoners, respect human rights and abandon the repression against indigenous people in exchange for the resumption electro power supply. Others, including most notably the Crimean Tatar activists are satisfied: the occupation must not seem as honey, kyrymly and pro-Ukrainian Crimeans are ready to suffer, and to trade with the occupier - not to respect themselves.

Everything that happens around the Crimea at the moment is the case where there is no truth in the middle. If we consider de-energization of the occupied territory as counterattack in a hybrid war, then it must be passed on to the real counter-offensive during actual combat. Anyone who decides to attack, takes responsibility for those sent into battle, but also for what will happen to the civilians were held hostage two warring parties. The most correct assessment of the situation: "Damn you, war!". And to believe that there will be no cost on ours - traditionally bright side - not a mistake, but, by large, is an example of criminal negligence.

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The only common denominator of supporters and opponents of a total blockade of the Crimea is a clear understanding that the authorities in Ukraine seems to be a quite conventional concept. Representative, nothing more. All who has power similar to speaking dummy, imposing one another in turn to the international community. Again we return to the Maidan: whereas the activists were not political leaders, and members of the "three-headed opposition fulfilled the nominal function of negotiators, and having got just "two" points. Now all who have power removed themselves, only two days starting from scratch, but to respond, trail behind the activists. However, a decision sooner or later has to be taken. The final, irrevocable and that is important, not only about the Crimea.

The initiators of the blockade of the peninsula, especially are the leaders of the Crimean Tatars, indigenous people. Ukraine hadn’t helped them since the time of their coming back home twenty years ago. But, to the credit of "previous governors" let them live. Because they see themselves with Ukraine, which is not bad by itself. And the main is  an activity on the verge of foul people who want to regain the right to live on their land, choosing of which state to be a part, should serve as an example to residents of Donbas. As for displaced people and those who are under occupation, and consider themselves patriots of Ukraine and hates Lugansk/Donetsk People’s Republic

The indigenous population of the Crimea, and the others - indifferent ones, who joined them to bring back the Crimean topic to the country political space. Hence, God himself ordered to take their example to the indigenous population of Donbas! And the number of those, whom invaders and separatists left homeless, only in the Ukrainian territory is four times higher than all the Crimean Tatars on both sides of the dividing line. They are quite capable of organizing themselves without a similar blockade, then at least to express such intentions. To provide the occupied territory should occupier by itself. This is the logic of war of the third millennium beginning. And if the people of Donbas are still silent means they are not tied to their land with any roots. That says a lot by itself.

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