Cosmic Röyksopp, mad Prodigy, and fiery Kasabian on Kyiv's Atlas Weekend

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A five-day musical marathon called Atlas Weekend was visited by more than 300 thousand people, and about 200 artists performed on its eight stages
15:40, 4 July 2017

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A five-day musical marathon called Atlas Weekend (AW) came to an end. This year the festival was visited by more than 300 thousand people, and about 200 artists performed on its eight stages. Given the scale of the event, it was not easy to include everything that happened there, but journalists of tried to at least partially depict the atmosphere that reigned at the festival.

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In the so-called zero day, the entrance to the festival was free. Verka Serdyuchka was headlining on June 28. Her performance gathered a huge audience of completely different ages and preferences. At the same time, spectators had huge cardboard stars on their heads, distributed by the staff of the festival. Verka constantly joked and uttered toasts with a glass of champagne in her hand. On this day, the festival was visited by a record number of people - 110 thousand.

British Day: Kasabian, Nothing but Thieves, and Alex Claire. June 29, almost all the main headliners flew to the AW from Britain. An exception was, perhaps, the Canadian band Three Days Grace. At the same time, performance of the Ukrainian project Onuka became one of the most popular on the West Stage for the entire time of the festival. Later on the same scene, appeared the rockers Nothing but Thieves, who unexpectedly sang one of the songs with soloist of Hardkiss Julia Sanina. Closer to the final of their performance AW guests divided into two teams - one remained to wait for Alex Clare, others hurried to the main stage to see Kasabian.

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To the great happiness of the fans, the British sang their main hits - Underdog, Empire, Club Foot, Shoot The Runner, L.S.F., and in the finale they performed their song Fire, during which the fans, despite the ban, lit the fire. Frontman Tom Meigan let the audience air kisses, and the crowd cried out before the beginning of each song and jumped high to the beat of the music. After the performance of the rockers, everyone began to move quickly from the Main Stage to the Western one to listen to Alex Clare’s Too close. According to the reviews, he became the main opening performer of the evening.

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Incredible John. On Friday, June 30, the guests of the festival were able to enjoy a live performance of the British John Newman, the author of Love Me Again hit. While the vocalist was preparing to enter the stage, the host Vasilisa Frolova told that he came to Kyiv with a team of 17 people and settled in the hotel using a different name. Musicians began to appear on the stage, each of them was greeted by the audience with loud applause. The artist did not change his style and even in a 30-degree heat was dressed in a black suit. However, he has took of his jacked during the second song.

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The stately artist with white-dyed hair looked very remarkable. But the most expressive was, of course, his squeaking voice. Newman danced on stage, he did not forget to communicate with the public and to joke.

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Good Brainstorm and evil Prodigy. A little later the performance of the Latvian rock band Brainstorm began. Brainstorm appeared in front of the audience, in a couple of minutes a half-empty dance floor filled with people. Frontman Renars Kaupers greeted everyone, respectfully taking off his cap. All the talk, he spoke kind words - about good Kiev weather, about a wonderful festival. During the performance he tried to keep the audience in a good and positive mood.

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In just an hour mood of AW guests has change. Everyone was eager to get out of the way under the legendary Prodigy. A record number of people flocked to the main stage. Traditionally, the band began the performance with the explosive hit Smack My Bitch Up. The effect was intensified by very bright light and distorted video on monitors.

It looked intimidating and exciting at the same time. Aggressive music sounded from the stage performed by demonic Keith Flint and Maxim Reality, who kept shouting obscenities at the audience, so that it would even more scream and stump feet. In an atmosphere of this madness, the artists continued to shout into the microphone: "You Better Run", and right above the stage was a huge moon.

Magic and space from Röyksopp. One of the days of the festival (July 1), despite the rain, the concert took place, the main headliner the band with a name "Mushroom-raincoat." But, by the evening the weather was still fine. There were performances by Ukrainian bands Pianoboy, The Hardkiss, Dakh Daughters, Swedes Bondage Fairies and the main headliner - the Norwegian electronic project Röyksopp.

But the performance of the group "Delfiin" was not fully realized, since its frontman Andrei Lysikov was not allowed to go to Ukraine because of visiting occupied Crimea, bypassing Ukrainian legislation. As a result, the team played without their leader, and fans sang instead of Lysikov - on the monitor behind the scene the words of the songs were highlighted.

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Speech of Röyksopp began almost an hour earlier than planned. Vocalist Jonna Lee appeared in front of the public in a white futuristic suit with "wings", behind her back a bright video sequence was broadcast. The performance was accompanied by unusual Swedish dances, the blond singer was like both an alien and a fairy. During the performance of the band, the vocalist twice supplemented her costume - first on her shoulders appeared black lining, later she threw a white tulle. Male vocal parts were performed by Jamie McDermott, he appeared on stage in black, with feathers on his sleeves. In breaks between the compositions the musicians were pronouncing "Thank you" in Russian.

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Monatik with a guitar and Halych in a rustaman costume. On the final day of the festival, the main stage was completely owned by Ukrainian performers. The metal band DETACH opened the fifth day. After them, the participants of Eurovision O.Torvald came on stage. The frontman of the team Zhenya Halych chose a bright green suit with hemp print and no less acidic shoes.

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At the same time, the Swedish Stage musician Jay-Jay Johanson performed at the West Stage and created a completely opposite atmosphere, plunging listeners into a light melancholy with his calm and slightly sad music. Monatik has closed the festival. Traditionally, the performance was accompanied by clockwork dances, and on one of the songs Dmytro suddenly decided to play the guitar. This was a bright spot at the festival Atlas Weekend-2017.

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Three announced participants - "Crematorium", Andrei Lysikov from "Delfiin" and Nike Borzov – did not reach the festival. Ukraine’s Security Service did not let Russian musicians to cross Ukraine’s border. Because earlier they crossed Crimean border, bypassing the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

Atlas Weekend is a five-day non-stop marathon of fun, music, and communication. Here you can be looking for your friend for several hours without success, but meet a classmate whom you have not seen for 10 years. Here you can see the members of the group "Okean Elzy" strolling with their relatives, and Jamala, who slams during Prodigy’s performance.

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