Is corruption in Ukrainians blood?

Author : Denys Borysenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

We are often told that corruption issue is exaggerated. Corruption in Ukraine is like a loss of blood and total weakening of the state body
10:10, 6 February 2018

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Ukrainian officials do steal money. How does this influence the state? Negatively, of course. But look: they used the notorious "Boyko towers" (gas platforms that Russians appropriated during the annexation of Crimea – Ed.) to steel 400 million UAH. Did Ukraine cease its existence after it?  No. And the money for social payments is somehow found. That is, these crimes do not have a direct influence on an average Ukrainian.

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That is why the Prime Minister Groysman considers corruption an exaggerated problem. It is artificially inflated by Ukraine’s enemies to destabilize the state. There is a wrinkle, though.

Imagine a human body. A person has a blood running through the veins. The blood is like the money of the state. The blood is responsible for all the necessary processes of the body. Here we might find a parallel between the body and the state with its economy.

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Imagine that a person has donated 100 g of blood or, in our case, has stolen 100 thousand UAH. No problem! The blood cells recovered, everything is fine. The person donated over 400 g of blood without a strong feeling of this “loss”. Yes, she will feel sick for a day, the doctors would advise eating well, but, in general, everything will be OK. 

But let us imagine the third scenario: for some reason, a person loses a large amount of blood. For example, 1 liter. The person is close to fainting, and the recovering is problematic. The same thing happens if someone has stolen a large amount of money from the state. For several years, Ukraine has been balancing on the verge of this very bad condition.

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If we return to our analogy of the country and a person, then the European country is a big, strong, healthy person. This person has a great safety margin. And Ukraine is a country with a disability. The left hand (let us say, the courts) do not know what the right hand (for example, the prosecutor's office) is doing. The head (president), neck (parliament), heart (Cabinet) work intermittently. Everything is unbalanced. We are a poor country.

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Our neighbors are countries that are vastly different from Ukraine. For example, Poland is different. Then why do officials allow themselves such behavior? As Churchill said at the inaugural speech in the British Parliament, "only hard work, tears and sweat."

Politicians and officials must be closer to the people and be willing to hear them. They should use a public transportation, go to open markets, without cameras. Just talk to people. Instead of sitting in the armchairs of the offices and studying the sociological data, they should see the real life. The reality is often distorted by the window of the armored Mercedes.

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A person begins his treatment by setting a diagnosis. No other way. Similarly, our politicians need to objectively assess the reality and do not tell us what is good for our health, when the country lies on a hospital bed. Every day, millions of hryvnias are removed from the country's budget into the pockets of judges, prosecutors, and deputies.

A terrible diagnosis is better than uncertainty. And this is not even a demand to officials, but a requirement to evaluate reality and start telling the truth. They should stop the corrupted manipulations and the hostilities in the east of Ukraine. They should understand the truth, accept this truth and start building a new state.

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