Chances for successful peace negotiations get smaller before the elections

Author : Viktor Medvedchuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

Viktor Medvedchuk: In terms of the "classically Russophobic" position, when it is radically anti-Russian, it is hard to talk about implementation of the peace initiatives
14:00, 19 September 2018

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The process of unification, previously voiced by individual journalists and experts, would be perceived with hostility. Today, we can hear public calls for unification. Of course, many would oppose this: warmongers and many political forces that are currently fighting on another electoral spectrum. These are the parties represented in the parliament today, parties that consider themselves a separate opposition, they call themselves democratic.

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This would not suit them, because they realize that if two such parties join together into a single political and social union, then this will be a serious challenge for everyone else. In this situation, those who are currently negotiating understand the aim – representation of the interests of the southeast and the Russian-speaking population.

Today, according to the estimates of all sociological centers, this is approximately 30-35% of the population. If such unification (a resource of two parties) is able to unite this electorate in the future, and if people trust those who unite in a political association and represent their interests, this will be a serious force that could not be ignored. The authorities and the warmongers in power and outside it, and all others calling themselves democratic opposition would contend with them...

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Today, I am sure that even Mr. Poroshenko wants to do something, in the absence of a political resource he cannot do it. Moreover, today this political resource is even smaller. Why? Now it is connected with the election campaign; despite it begins on December 30 of this year, it has actually begun, and the candidates who claim the highest position in Ukraine have started working. This applies to Mr. Poroshenko.

Therefore, in terms of the "classically Russophobic" position, when it is radically anti-Russian, it is hard to talk about the implementation of the peace initiatives, while using the resource of Moscow in order to find a common language with Donetsk and Luhansk representatives and achieve what we have been talking about.

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It is harder than it used to be a few months ago, harder than it used to be a year or two, or three years ago. But those who really want us to return people and territories (in this case, Donbas), they must continue to do so. If we do not do it today, it will not work tomorrow, even if the authorities change in 2019, when presidential and parliamentary campaigns will be held.

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