Brawl between MP Parasyuk and police: Information from law enforcers

Author : Yuriy Holuban

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Speech of National Police Colonel Yuriy Holuban at Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
19:22, 15 March 2017

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Thank you for the opportunity to tell the truth about the events that took place at the checkpoint near Slovyansk.

My unit, according to the order of the ATO headquarters, was located at this checkpoint. This was an order to conduct counter-diversionary measures in the ATO area. Under this order, the unit was located at a checkpoint to prevent transportation of weapons, ammunition to the ATO zone, checking people to identify saboteurs and control the public order.

Around 7 p.m. the column of 13 cars arrived, accompanied by People's Deputy Parasyuk. The chief of Slovyansk police came to communicate with the people's deputy with one sole legal requirement - to perform the passage of a column according to the instruction prescribed by the headquarters of the ATO, according to the law of Ukraine on the National Police, instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Art. 15 on combating terrorism. He explained to people that they need to show documents for inspection and to show the vehicles on which they arrived, to an external inspection.

Parasyuk came out, speaking filthy language, insulting police, calling them scums and separatists, trying to break through the cordon on his own.

I have been a volunteer since June 2014, before that I gave the oath "to serve for the people of Ukraine", for the protection of its citizens and the sovereignty of our country. Since 1994, I had served in the Special Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then in the SBU Special Forces, in Alpha special group, and then retired. After the start of hostilities I volunteered in Kyev-1 battalion, moved to the capital with my family. In the future I want to tell my grandchildren about my combat feats. In 2014-15 years I took part in military operations in Marinka, Krasnogorivka, was wounded.

The situation was as follows. My employees of the Special Forces blocked the road saying that all the vehicles and people should fulfill the legitimate demands and show documents for inspection. The driver should also show his vehicle and then proceed further. All this in order not to let offenders to pass through, to fulfill the requirement of the ATO headquarters, so we blocked the road.

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I was standing, talking on the phone; I heard that Parasyuk had told everyone through the microphone: "To cars, and go." I stood near the car and felt a bump on my legs. I do not remember who did it, I just turned around with the weapon, and everything else, and asked: "What are you doing?" It was dark. Parasyuk jumped out of his car, trying to beat me. I asked who he was, what he was doing. He said that he’s a People's Deputy. I asked to show me his mandate, he ran into the car, took the mandate. I said him to pass, and the rest of the column should also follow the same instructions.

After that, he pounced on the rest of the staff in order to provoke a fight. They did not succumb to the provocation. Parasyuk, realizing that he could not win, ran, took the microphone, gave a command to all to get out of the cars, created such a fighting group of 40-45 people, gave a command to beat us. After they got closer, I saw that police officers warned them not to go further, and took the arms. As they approached, it became difficult to lead fire- both we and the attackers could suffer. I gave the command – to take machine guns aside, push it three meters away.

After that, Parasyuk’s people used gas sprayers. Three employees of my unit now are in hospital with the most severe burns of their eyes and faces. Some of the attackers took the guns. In fact, we had plenty reasons for the use of weapons, according to Article 46 of the National Police. Simply, if we did, I understand that there would be trouble. Your colleague's actions and choice could lead to negative consequences.

There would be trouble in the scale of the country. After that, a fight broke out between the attackers and police officers, as a result of which we nevertheless pushed offenders back for three meters and I once again turned to those who attacked, saying "let's inspect some cars." At least visually, that there is nothing in the car. Parasyuk gave the command again "for a breakthrough." One of my employees was wounded by Parasyuk when he maneuvered. He is now in hospital with injuries.

Several police officers were injured. Three with eye and face burns, one with leg wounds, two with severe bruises. It was Parasyuk who beat them, no one else. We are defenseless before this kind of activity. In one hand he has the mandate, and beats with other. I think my employees did not deserve it. They are all the ATO members in the unit, almost all the volunteers.

Parasyuk shouted: "I'll catch you all, I'll catch you one by one, I'll smother you." We did not deserve such words, neither from the deputies, nor from anyone. We defend our Motherland, as we can, under the most difficult circumstances. We do not complain; just want to say that such actions of MP will lead to great trouble. We are faithful to our oath, to the people and we are doing everything so that, at least in Donetsk region people feel safe, as far as possible.

Not all who were there were so mad. One car drove up, a man said that he has a gun, but he does not have permission. I began to explain to him that if there is no permission, hand it over here, to the police chief, then you could take it back from the district department. He took the gun, said he was ready to do it, but Parasyuk came running, snatched the pistol from him, and then the column moved further.

Taking this opportunity, I want to say thank you that I am speaking from such a rostrum. Many thanks to my people who were with me and withstood such stress. They had the right to use weapons, but they resisted, saving lives to themselves and to people from another side. We are Ukrainians, if we would start another quarrels, we will never the neighbor - our enemy. We need to be united.

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