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The Secret of the Blue Hand or why Kyiv should not expect hot water anytime soon
15:16, 28 September 2018

No, you’re not imagining this. No, no need to promise yourself to stop drinking. Yes, it is really a Blue Hand. No, these are not hallucinations.

Well, seriously now. As soon as I engaged in a healing continuous drinking, plunging in the beer waters of Munich, you managed to put up a blue hand right in the center of Kyiv. Did you ever think how it could impact the drunken people? Of course not, you only think about yourself.

How many people celebrate one of these days some kind of money prize, marriage, divorce, or win of their favorite team? In the end, there are always those who try to forget about the coming autumn, cold, sickness, and it’s not like we’re in the Maldives. How many of them will sober up upon seeing that and will be forced back to this dull reality? Well, thank you very much.

Just imagine this: you are calmly walking around the city, wearing three jackets, merrily hating the autumn that came unexpectedly in September. You are walking and singing Okean Elzy song, something about being “cold” and "running off to somewhere warm" and then… you see a blue hand.

You’re lost, you don’t know what to do anymore. But there’s just you and the blue hand. And as if it’s not enough that it’s blue, it seems to greet you friendly…or threatening to box your ear.

As the Scythians or Sarmatians once said: "If the blue arm is set in the center, then someone need that." Or maybe it was Klitschko who said that, I honestly do not remember.

And what does it all mean? Well, there are several versions. And the time was not chosen randomly, but along with the most important news of the world, flowing out from everywhere.

The main news of the day in case you missed:

- Seal slaps in the face with an octopus

- Giant blue hand in Kyiv

- Gay penguins steal baby birds

Coincidence? I think not. But who benefits from this?

There is an obvious variant. It is most obvious, and, in my opinion, one of the most likely. It's the water channel's doing.

Everything converges. The hand is blue and it shows somewhere up, in the sense "Wash yourself with hot water in that world, you pests," no water for you, life is pain. And immediately answers all the questions "When?" and "Why?" Now, answering the question “when will the hot water appear?” the most respected workers of the housing maintenance company can just say: "Seen blue hand? Well, that’s it".

But there are other opinions.

“And the IMF missions (International Monetary Fund – will be brought to the huge hand installed in place of Lenin at Bessarabka - to lay the flowers. Because, in the Mayor's office they say, the outstretched hand is a symbol of friendship, and its huge size demonstrates how much we want to be friends with the IMF,” social network user expressed the idea.

These are also some obvious associations.

“Not everyone knows, but initially the hand at Bessrabsky market was the project a monument to Oleh Vynnyk (Ukrainian singer, - 112. international),” another user supposed.

Social networks

Well, and of course the monuments of art and relatively good films are an eternal narrative.

Social networks

And all this seems to be just the beginning. While the majority of the network population is at the stage of denial, hoping for the temporary nature of the monument. However, we understand, you and me that no one would risk to touch that Blue Hand? Especially if the author is the Romanian sculptor. Especially if it that symbolizes friendship and communication...

More so, people will eventually get used to it. In addition, it is possible that in the future appointing a meeting at the "Ear-boxing hand" will be no less popular than at a famous fast food on Khreshchatyk.

So the story is far from being over. We will wait the new developments.

Internet troll was with you. Let’s stay in touch.

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