Poroshenko's black hand

Author : Victor Zubrytskyi

Source : 112 Ukraine

112 Ukraine channel was required not to demonstrate the handshake of Poroshenko and Putin at the Norman Quartet meeting in Paris
10:02, 19 October 2015

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Text from Victor Zubrytskyi Facebook page:

It would seem, what the connection might be between the hand of Petro Poroshenko, freedom of speech and 112 Ukraine TV channel?

However, there is a connection. October 2, before the summit of Norman Quartet in Paris, Poroshenko shook hands with Putin. I will not sort out whether it is right or wrong. I will talk about the responsibility of the president. So, Poroshenko shook hands with Putin, but wished that Ukrainians did not know about that. And strangely, all the TV channels of Ukraine did NOT notice this event. The TV channel 112 Ukraine, showing all the news objectively, was preparing for the air. And so the barrage of calls from the Presidential Administration and the "relevant services" began that it was unacceptable to demonstrate the handshake on the air.

Yes, you heard right. They called not to Poroshenko in order that he did not shook hands with Putin, they called on the channel in order that the channel did not show it. But the channel cannot but show. That was public actions of the president. Only Poroshenko placed full responsibility for his public actions not on himself, but, for a wonder, on the 112 Ukraine channel.

Given that earlier Poroshenko and his young team have suffered a number of "troubles" from 112 Ukraine, which took over the social mission - just to tell the truth. Yes, and in addition to an interview with "undesirable" people on the channel, truthful information, the lighting of really important issues for the citizens, the coverage of all points of view in accordance with journalistic charters, there still appeared extremely uncomfortable and also inflexible Savik Schuster. Poroshenko does not like not only the freedom of speech, the truth, but an existence of any "different opinion" itself. It makes difficult to rob and loot the last from the state Ukraine, taking away the future of its citizens.

Therefore, Poroshenko, from April 2015, with the help of his henchmen used the usual arsenal of the tyrant: death threats, threats of initiation / closing of criminal cases, forcing to sell the channel, the threat of digital licenses deprivation, and after - the start of the deprivation procedure. But the channel did not listen and to all the countless calls, SMS, e-mails and requirements of the Presidential Administration and acted as orders the journalistic ethics and objective coverage of events in the country.

This last refusal "not to show his [Poroshenko's – ed.] handshake" resulted in the fact that on Friday, October 16, Ukrainian court has given the permission (for the month) to conduct a search on the 112 Ukraine channel and remove all computers, digital media, etc. In other words - to implement technical measures for the channel shutdown. On what grounds? They thought for a long time since the May 2015 - how to close the channel. And they came up with the article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Article 209 - Legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime. All of its qualifications one can search over the Internet, or at friend lawyers. Public support for the “inquiry” will bring the "investigators", also publicly, to a deadlock

Also in the minds of these “people's democrats”, who ascended to the throne on the blood of Heaven Hundred is the arrest of the CEO and owner of the channel - Andrii Podshchypkov. 

But why on September 2-3, almost the same day, the fiscal service institutes the criminal proceedings, and the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine decides to deprive a license from the channel. What happened on September 1 in the fate of the 112 Ukraine?

About that we might learn in the nearest future...

P.S. Will the search to be conducted on the 112 Ukraine channel tomorrow morning?

P.P.S Yes ... and I would like to say to the persons involved. If someone thinks that he did not get somewhere, or maybe he had not been seen or it was difficult to establish the relations, it is necessary to think about the most modern technical devices and gadgets, as well as programs and widgets on your personal gadgets.

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