Biden’s in Kiev: What brought foreign guest to Ukraine?

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The US Vice President brought $ 190 million to Ukraine and requests to fight corruption
11:13, 8 December 2015

Biden liked Ukrainian loaf

What many critics of the Ukrainian authorities expected, came true: Joe Biden flew to Kiev. "He will insert brain to troublesome reformers" - these words can describe the expectations of many Ukrainians disillusioned with what is happening in the country. "Biden will not solve our problems, oneself has to do something instead of waiting for a good uncle" - realists retort. It’s even difficult to assess who is closer to the truth.

"Good uncle" Biden has arrived, apparently to inspect, where American aid flows. Today is the first day of the visit, familiarization visit. Near the air stair he was met by a caravan. Biden liked Kiev, as he admitted at a press conference. This is the fourth visit by the US Vice President to Ukraine in two years and the first this year. And we have to admit that there is to inspect by Biden.

Biden’s welcome at the airport Boryspil

On the eve of the visit, many media reported dissatisfaction in the US with the work of Attorney General Viktor Shokin, the situation of people's deputy Mykola Martynenko, rampant corruption in the country. They wrote that Biden will bring a "list", which will name politicians and officials who are suspected by States of "foul play" and the resignation of which they will seek. Martynenko has already submitted an application for mandate resignation. Poroshenko said that Shokin will stay at his position. Obviously, that other names won’t be called officially, but the information pops up later. By the way, tomorrow Biden will deliver a speech in the Verkhovna Rada.

Biden and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt paid tribute to Heaven's Hundred Heroes

And today, the US Vice President held closed to the press conversation with the President of Ukraine, met with people's deputies from the group Eurooptimists, commemorated Euromaidan. Following the results of the dialogue, held a joint briefing.

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Poroshenko is glad to see Biden

Petro Poroshenko, praised the Ukrainian government a lot. "We have done more than in all the years of independence. There is nothing to be ashamed of", - said the President. He added that the most important reform is to eradicate corruption. He recalled the establishment of the police. Apparently, as about the most vibrant and visible reform. However, complained to foreign guest about Russian aggression in the Donbas, which hinders reform. Special thanks Poroshenko crumbled for the US financial assistance to Ukraine. Sure, Biden brought to Kiev guarantee on the allocation of another 190 million dollars.

Interestingly that in Poroshenko’s speech extensive passage of terrorism in the world and Ukraine looked. As recently as today, Barack Obama talked about it, is an actual topic for all the US foreign policy. Now it is urgent for Ukrainian politicians. "I reiterated to Mr. Vice-President of willingness and readiness of Ukraine to provide maximum support to coalition forces in Syria", - said the head of Ukraine. But! In which way Ukraine will help member of coalition in Syria? With troops? With weapons? With money? Will provide territory? Yes, Kyiv itself is dependent on US aid for all these items. Obviously, it will support morally. It is also important.

Oddly enough, but the actions of the Ukrainian government and Biden praised on as well. "GDP has started to grow, rising industrial production, increased exports of agricultural products, and the Ukrainian currency has stabilized," - he listed the achievements of the Cabinet. He promised support for Kyiv in the IMF. Even more surprised the phrase about the support by people of reforms in Biden's speech: "It's a mutual contact; it can be seen on the streets." Vice President of the United States for half a day on the streets of Kyiv saw something that was not so easy to find even to native people of Kyiv. At the same time, Biden advised yet to root out corruption in Ukraine "for people to see it." Also, he repeated what many have said in the Ukraine, that the United States will not solve our problems for us. Work, fight, and we will try to help in any way we can. So far he has helped with $ 190 million. Also added about support for Kyiv in its fight against Russian aggression, he promised "a wide range of diplomatic strategy of conservation of sanctions against Russia to the full implementation of the agreements in Minsk." This is the result of his speech.

However, this part of the visit is open to the public. What Biden spoke with Poroshenko behind closed doors is a mystery so far. Experts predicted tough talk. However, at a press briefing nor Biden nor Poroshenko not given an bit of stress.

Official website of the President of Ukraine

The presidential press service

More will be known tomorrow. Biden talked to Eurooptimists about the need to reformat the government. Obviously, he will confirm it tomorrow in Parliament. The States are not satisfied with the speed and the fight against corruption in Ukraine. Apparently, vice president will also stress on this. Whatever it is, but Biden's performance will be a historic - the first after the famous speech by George Bush in 1991 in Verkhovna Rada.

August 1, 1991 during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR, Bush warned Ukrainians from separation from the Soviet Union, calling Ukraine's aspirations for independence a "suicidal nationalism." This speech came to be known as Сhicken Kiev speech. Tomorrow will be the opposite. We have reached the moment when the US will ask the Ukrainian authorities to eradicate corruption and carry out reforms.

Almighty Biden 

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