Beating of MP Nayem in Kyiv: Commentary of the police

Author : Tetiana Sviatenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

The head of the Kyiv police told about the fifth attacker, and why one of the perpetrators managed to escape from the country
22:16, 3 May 2018

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The road conflict between the People's Deputy Mustafa Nayem and a group of young people, during which Nayem was struck several times in the face, did not remain ignored. Moreover, it evoked a wide response. A large number of people added their own commentary, expressed their own version of the fight, and it caused some confusion.

The head of the Kyiv police, Andriy Kryshchenko, explained the situation:

April 30, at 17:27, we received a call. Patrols and the investigative-operative group immediately left for the spot, and a little more than an hour later the Mercedes car was found. There were three people who took an active part directly in hooligan actions. The second car was put on the wanted list. All data about who was in it were not known at that time.

The investigative and operational group worked on the site for more than two hours, it collected video and interviewed the witnesses. When the video was collected, and this was a large amount of work, it made it possible to qualify the actions of the three detainees as hooligans. They were detained in accordance with the procedure of Article 208, they were immediately taken to the temporary detention facility.

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Speaking of the person who directly inflicted bodily injuries, we found that he had already left Ukraine in 2.5-3 hours after the incident. That is, the investigative-operational group was still working on the spot and his identity was not established. We set the address by which the car was registered, went to the place, there was not a car there and that person was not there too.

This person who directly was throwing the punches (we also have information, we will check it), ordered a ticket on the Internet within 25-30 minutes after the events. At the time when he crossed the border at the time of departure, his identity was not known yet. He was placed in absentia under Article 296, part 2 and 122, part 1 (serious bodily injuries of medium gravity, - Ed.). He was put on the wanted list, the court sent a petition for his compulsory delivery to the court for the purpose of choosing a restraint.

Why not was everyone brought to suspicion under Article 122 part 1? Because our legislation clearly presupposes that the bodily injuries are brought to those who have directly inflicted these bodily injuries.

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Speaking about the fifth participant in the conflict, the driver of the BMW, we saw from the testimony that he did not take any active steps in these events, his identity is established. Once he is established, he will also be interrogated, identification and other investigative actions will be carried out, both with the victim and with witnesses.

Two of the conflict participants are citizens of Ukraine, and two are Russian citizens who have a residence permit and study at the university. The man who struck and fled is a citizen of Ukraine.

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The court sent a petition for an examination. Given the changes in the law, we cannot assign an examination. The examination is appointed only by a court decision.

Speaking about the "Interception" plan. For the first quarter of the year, this plan was introduced 74 times and it does not depend on the status of the victim, the brand of his car, marital status, etc. Such a plan is introduced if there are reports that the person who committed the crime, moves in a car. In case of stealing, robbery, unlawful restraint of freedom, and any crimes that require immediate action by the police, the "Interception" plan is introduced.

The video from all surrounding cameras that recorded the event was added to the materials of the criminal proceedings. Persons suspected of a crime do not give any explanations for their actions; they are limited to communicating with the lawyers.

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As it was previously reported, in the area of Bessarabska Square in Kyiv on April 30, a people's deputy Mustafa Nayem was beaten. He himself informed about the incident and stressed that the incident is not connected with his political activities.

The same day police detained three people. One of the participants in the conflict with the beating of the People's Deputy Mustafa Nayem on Bessarabska Square, wanted by the police, flew to Baku (Azerbaijan) 2 hours after the incident.  He faces 4 years of imprisonment. 

Magomed Saitov, one of the suspects of an assault on Ukraine’s MP Mustafa Nayem, was taken under house arrest till June 30, as Kyiv Shevchenkivskyi District Court correspondent said on air of 112 Ukraine.

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