Babchenko tells about SBU special operation

Author : Arkadiy Babchenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Here is an extract from the briefing broadcasted by 112 Ukraine
22:00, 30 May 2018

Petro Poroshenko Facebook

First of all, I would like to apologize for everything you had to go through because I have buried my friends and colleagues many times and I know that sickening feeling you have when you have to burry colleagues. I am so sorry you had to live through all this, but we did not have any other options.

Certainly, I would like to apologize to my wife for that hell she has been through over the past two days. Dear Olya, forgive me, please, but we had no other way.

Secondly, I would like to express my gratitude to SBU for saving my life. I did not hear what Vasyl Serhiyevych is saying and said, and I do not know what can be said and what should not be. As far as I know, this operation was being prepared for two months. I was told about everything a month ago. Within this month I have seen the guys working, how they worked with blood, sweat and tears. During this moth we kept in touch, we were thinking, working, acting and as a result, we got such special operation which ended with a catch of a person. He is already taken in custody. I do not know if he is detained, I will not get into the details, I myself am not aware of them. The crime was committed and proved. All the evidence are clear, and what is most important, my life was saved, and for that, I am grateful again. But above all, other, broader terrorist attacks are prevented. More serious ones, as people were preparing, preparing much more profoundly.  

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And the information that once, week or two ago, that something was said in Russia that some ISIL was preparing terrorist attacks before the Champions League and that, apparently, had to be me.

As I said, the case was being conducted for two months, I was informed a month ago. People said that there is an order on me, money passed already, $40,000, as far as I know. Well, I am worth a lot!

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They have shown my documents, passport data, my photograph, which I have only in my passport, I made it when I was 25. And here is the photo which I have only in my passport and only in the passport office…It became clear that Russia provides information, that this information is probably coming out from the public service, as only special service could get this data.

I was offered to participate in this operation, and I did not have any other options. We either work or work anyway. We have been preparing this operation within a month. Guys were working with blood, sweat and tears. In fact, there was pressure from that side, really strong pressure. This order was to be completed in three weeks. Then it was accelerated, probably to the Champions League, we had to prevaricate, make up some excuses: like breaking a leg or some trip. It all did not suppose to happen yesterday. It is just a coincidence.

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To cut it short, it ended yesterday. Half of the job is done, I have done my work. I am still alive, do not count on it!   

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