Another tip for Siemens: After shaking hands with Russia, count your fingers

Author : Pavlo Klimkin

Source : Deutsche Welle

In the turbulent times of war, shadow deals sooner or later become politics. And how can you stop the violator of peace at such times? The recipe for success is obvious
20:53, 2 August 2017

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Ukraine's Foreign Ministry

Today, there can be no doubt that the gas turbines shipped by the German Siemens Company to Russia should be installed on the annexed peninsula of Crimea in violation of the EU economic sanctions. This causes deep disappointment and gives rise to indignation.

In three years after the annexation of Crimea, Ukraine at all international forums has constantly expressed concern that the sanctions announced because of Russian aggression against Ukraine are not being respected by some large firms.

These fears were expressed during numerous conversations at the highest level - however, as it turns out today, they were not heard. The more serious is the breach of trust associated with the case of the Siemens Company.

How to avoid sanctions in creative way

The creativity of seeking the ways to avoid sanctions really causes concern. For example, the turbines shipped by Siemens were transferred to the category of Russian products, in order to place them in Crimea, despite the ban. Here we can see the strong desire for profit and too little morality.

Today no one can play a game with empty political promises more masterly than the Kremlin. At the same time, from Moscow we increasingly hear the demand that we should start "business as usual" in the spirit of real politics.

It is believed that it is necessary to think about the result in accordance with the slogan of some modern Machiavellians: "the end justifies the means." However, at the same time they discard the fact that the great Florentine master of power theory himself sometimes - and even in his world-famous treatise "Sovereign" - tried to unite politics and morality.

In the turbulent modernity of war, shadow deals sooner or later become politics. And how then can you stop the violator of peace at such times? The recipe for success is obvious.

Take off the rose-colored glasses

It is necessary to insure yourself from the very beginning with the help of strict rules and obligations, immediately study suspicious cases thoroughly, immediately punish violations of law and take measures so that weak points are not used. It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and look reality in the eye: the Crimean question is such a weak spot in the world diplomacy.

Siemens Company is now facing accusations that it has bypassed the obligations on sanctions. For Moscow, on the contrary, there is nothing new in being a violator of agreements. In the three-year struggle for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, Ukraine and its Western partners in the Normandy format were forced to bitterly watch what the real policy means in "Russian".

However, the high brisance of the Siemens’ case leads now to the fact that all further foreign investments into the Russian economy are questionable. A scam with turbines is not a misunderstanding, but an error. It is tantamount to a heavy violation of sanctions.

Count your fingers

Of course, now it is primarily the responsibility of Siemens - to deal legally with this noteworthy incident, to immediately and completely verify the circumstances of this illegal delivery of turbines to Crimea and to cancel it.

However, this case was a test of the entire sanctions policy towards Russia. And here Ukraine together with the German government and European institutions will do everything to ensure that this loss of confidence, with all its serious consequences, would turn into a general consistent attitude of the world community to the question of the annexation of Crimea.

It’s because this case concerns really all of us. We need to know the whole truth about the Siemens’ deal. However, there is one piece of advice for Siemens and other firms that are going to deal with Russian state-owned enterprises: after you shook hands, count your fingers.

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