25 years of Ukrainian relations with the "strange Russian brother"

Author : Taras Berezovets

Source : 112 Ukraine

Relations between Kyiv and Moscow will never be normal - political expert
17:59, 25 August 2016

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A quarter of a century is enough time to wrap up. If we speak about the human dimension of 25 years, this is a period when you become an adult, independent, and start a family. When you look at a person at the age of 25 years, you can say whether it will be successful or not.

In this sense, Russia's relations with its neighbors of the past 25 years are very revealing. I have outlined them as follows: the parents have divorced long years ago, and they left a lot of children (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, etc.) Russia identifies itself as the eldest child in the family and often feels its own exclusivity. This weird older brother (Russia) continues to live with the conditional parents, feels himself the legal successor, and believes that he should get all the capital earned by the ancestors. The rest refuse to accept this fact and refuse the exclusiveness of the strange brother.

Will Russia recover from this complex and cease to feel like a special country after 5 or 25 years? No. Russia has always lived with its complexes, and continues to believe that the relations with Ukraine should be special. Some people even believe that without Ukraine, the Russian project to be failed.

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There is an opinion that Russia is not ready to pay a huge price for the opportunity to return Ukraine. But this country has always been willing to pay the highest price for the opportunity to dominate over its neighbors. If we look at Russian history, we will note that periods of peace are linked exclusively to the weakening of Russia. Even the Soviet Union has been always involved into conflicts and sponsored terrorism around the world.

Therefore, nothing would change with Putin's death. Putin is the product of Russia and the Russian people. Perhaps even their victim. He has to catch the public mood of the Russian society. 84% Russian citizens support Putin, and this is not a mythical figure. Any Russian ruler is destined to manifest the same imperial complexes, as this is the will of the Russian people.

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Thus, Russian-Ukrainian relations would never become normal. The representatives of the mysterious Russian counter-elite should get rid of complexes of chauvinism and imperialism, but they do not have the necessary qualities. The only potential Russian leader who could build normal relations with Ukraine, was Boris Nemtsov. That is why they killed him.

For 25 years has Ukraine been independent. This is the high time to reconsider the strategic partner status with Moscow. Ukraine should build relations with Russia not only as with an equal state, but also as with a state hostile. It involves the introduction of protective mechanisms such as the visa regime.

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After 5-10 years, Ukraine has to build a serious defensive doctrine in relation to the Russian Federation, which would involve the creation of these defensive fortifications on the border with the northern neighbor. Border should be protected as much as possible.

In general, in the coming decades of normalization of relations between Ukraine and Russia is not expected. More than 60% of Ukrainians, according to sociologists, consider Russia an enemy state. Healing this wound might be longer than restoration of diplomatic or economic relations. 

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