LGBT: the West and the rest

Author : Lesia Bidochko

Source : 112 Ukraine

LGBT issue is on everyone’s lips not, and Ukraine is not an exception. Besides of course, this question, which still remains tangible in the western society, is even more touchable in eastern European country
18:10, 31 July 2015

112 Agency
Lubomyr Huzar, the major archbishop emeritus of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, who also is a Cardinal of the Catholic Church in his recent interview with TSN condemned all the endeavors of LGBT adherents.

“Western Europe is experiencing a crisis of morality, and moral liberalism tries to justify it. I think that we need to stand afar off it, - states Huzar. - There are movements for euthanasia, gay marriage or abortion. Someone stresses that it is a human freedom – so it cannot be forbidden, but the law of God is forgotten”. He claimed that Ukraine would rather look at Poland, Italy, Lithuania and others, which oppose this ideology. “I think, we have got a very positive moral element here in Ukraine, which we should grow and cherish and spread to Europe,” said Patriarch. 

In this regard, we should commend Ukrainian Church for clear supporting Eurointegration discourse, particularly, in terms of Euromaidan. Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Orthodox Kyivan Church really lend a hand, for example, hosting the activists chased by the riot police units. 

It seemed to be apparently natural reaction for spiritual figure – to condemn all the sinful whims of modern society –  then again, with few “buts”.

Initially, the basis of Russia’s rhetoric in the international arena grounds on the idea that Russia is the last barricade in protecting "traditional family". Enkindling contentions around the LGBT topic, does not mean joining Russia in her public discourse. But Ukraine must be very careful in this question.

If you follow the chronology, massive gay pride were held in Vilnius (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland), Milan (Italy). In Lithuania and Italia are discussing the legalization of same-sex partnerships within their national law systems.

All in all, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church tries to keep afloat against the backdrop of a significant movements in the LGBT question. Last week European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) obliged Italy to legally recognize and protect same-sex unions. LGBT activists in Europe took this judgement as a successful development, because the action of the judgement must be followed by Ukraine, Azerbaijan (but sometimes Russia refuses to comply with the decisions of the ECtHR though) as well, ECtHR will oblige to do it anyway.


Just to recall, Ukrainian gay pride parade took place in Kyiv June 6, far right group of Pravyi Sektor threatened the pride marchers ahead of the march.

Let us go back to the West. As reported by Catholic news agency, American LGBT grant-maker is trying to win religious liberty fight within three years. “We are at a crossroads where the choices we make will mean we will fight religious exemptions for two to three years or have a protracted twenty year struggle on our hands,” Tim Sweeney told leading business executives and others attending the Out & Equal Workplace Advocates executive forum, held in San Francisco in late March 2015. 

Why the U.S. want to shut down the political fight for religious freedom exemptions in the country? “A CNA investigation has found that millions of dollars have been poured into efforts to combat religious freedom exemptions in the United States,” writes Catholic news agency.

We may suppose that LGBT cases will be lead to the ECtHR again and again. Otherwise, the consequences for the Council of Europe are too high.

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