Why Ukraine's health care system does not work?

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Respondent : Olga Kudynenko

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Every year, thousand Ukrainian children are diagnosed with cancer. Half of them needs a bone marrow transplant, and must go abroad for this purpose
12:04, 15 July 2016

There is nothing worse than a child who is sick and nothing can save her. Today our guest is the founder of the famous "Tabletochky" fund Olga Kudynenko.

Hello, Olga. Your fund was established in 2011. Is today’s society generous in its charity? What was the amount of donations in 2015?

Olga Kudynenko: Of course, the society is ready to donate. Charity is something eternal.  Perhaps it was chaotic, but now more professional funds has been formed in Ukraine. They understand that they want not only to help someone specifically, but they want to solve the problem at a higher level. The amount of donations in Ukraine in 2015 was bigger than it has been before the war.

 You do not invent anything, but just learned how the international funds operate?

Of course. I just took the professional structure of a charitable foundation of the Western Europe and built it in Ukraine. We are the full cycle agency, if a child with cancer gets to us, we can help her at every stage.

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Why our country cannot organize the medical care system without applying to the non-professionals, donators, and philanthropists?

The health care system in Ukraine is totally failed. The Constitution proscribes the right for the free medicine for those in need, but it cannot be implemented in any country in the world. Health insurance system works everywhere. If the state has promised to buy medications for children with cancer, it should definitely do it. Often, the government is ineffective, it spends our taxes and state money for some unclear purchases.

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Why there is no coordination between the Ministry of Health, hospitals, and charitable foundations?

I have not caught on bribes personally, but I know that the main freelance consultant in pediatric hematology of Ministry of Health and head of children's hematology department at “OKHMATDET”, (acronym for “mother and child care”) Mrs. Donska, who is directly involved in public procurement, always satisfies her interests in these public procurement. Of course, she is interested to buy certain medications in large quantities, because gets more money for it. There is coordination between the funds, doctors, and the ministry, because the officials are trying to intrude.

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In your opinion, what should be changed in the state medicine approaches?

It is not the matter of the health care system, but rather the matter of people’s minds. They must understand that their health and treatment of their children is in their own hands. In America, there is a hospital, which was built in 1962. It raised the successfulness of children’s cancer from 4% to 94%. This hospital is funded entirely by the American citizens. It has no relation to the state, it does not receive any grants. On the day of the hospital maintenance is 2.4 million dollars. Average they will need to treat it somewhere. In Ukraine, people do not understand it. The problem appears only when someone is sick.

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How many Ukrainian children need help today?

Every year, thousand Ukrainian children are diagnosed with cancer. Half of them needs a bone marrow transplant, and must go abroad for this purpose. Blood cancer is the most common form of childhood cancer (80% of all the illnesses connected with cancer).

Which country is now the most successful in the treatment?

The US, Britain, and Germany.

Is it true that Belarus has built an effective model of treatment?

Belarus has built a good clinic. But their model of treatment is not effective, because they use Belarusian medicines. Belarusian medicine, as well as Ukrainian, are of a low quality. The cost for the treatment is much higher than in Italy (the cost of bone marrow transplantation in Belarus is $ 170 thousand, while in Italy - $ 140 thousand), but the level of care is much lower. Belarus is actively popularized in Ukraine, but no one child has survived there. So we do not pay for any operation in Belarus.

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