Ukrainian MP Novinsky condems Maidan and Saakashvili

Author : Natalia Vlashchenko

Respondent : Vadym Novinsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

In an exclusive interview MP from "Opposition bloc" Vadym Novinsky also unveiled the details of cooperation between Paul Manafort and Ukraine's Party of Regions
18:40, 15 November 2016

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Vlaschenko: Today our guest is Ukrainian MP Vadym Novinsky. Good evening, Vadim Vladislavovich. Trump won and then everybody started to put pictures with him. Do you have photos with Trump?

Novinsky: No. But I hope to have it.

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How do you predict future events? What will be the relationship between the US and Ukraine, after the election of a new president?

Trump won and "Opposition bloc" party congratulates him on this victory. Nothing significant between the US and Ukraine will not change. Between the elites, it would most likely change. Of course, Trump’s attitude to the people, who spoke about him all sorts of nasty things, will change. It will not be the same as it was before President Obama with the Ukrainian elite.

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Another event of the week - the resignation of Saakashvili. He announced the creation of a new party. How do you see his future career in Ukraine?

It seems to me that he would not have a bright career in Ukraine. This what he had in Georgia. What he came up with such harsh accusations against the government, I do not like. It is impossible in politics to move to rudeness. When starting to use words like "huckster, scum" - this is very bad. He was governor of an important region - Odesa. He was invited to his experience has helped to reform. And besides populism no real action has not been made in Odesa region.

Tymoshenko has announced a general protest of bank depositors. Security Service (SBU) believes that the protests was organized in Moscow, it was the hand of Russian FSB. Does "Oppoblok" join these protests, and how do you assess these possible events?

I think that this action would not help investors to get their money. Depositors of failed banks are used for political purposes Tymoshenko and her party would undermine the situation and influence it, to somehow come to power. I do not believe that these events are the machinations of the FSB and other special services. This is not true. It is necessary to approach the authorities to the mirror, look at yourself and determine who is to blame for what is happening to the country. But we are categorically opposed to rock the situation, and the party "Opposition bloc" will not join this protest, which is trying to make a "Fatherland". "Oppoblok" does not serve to someone’s interests. We will have its activities aimed at to attract people's attention to the problems that we now have in the country. We are categorically against any revolutions. We are categorically against the regular Maidan to bloodshed again and again that there was chaos in the country. Previous Maidan has already shown everything.

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What has it shown? How do you feel about the Maidan events?

Strongly negative. Because I am against any revolutions. I am for the evolutionary path of development. The revolution in any country of the world has not led people to happiness. Always there was chaos, destruction, blood and full of hopeless people. The first revolutionary in the history of the world was the devil. He rebelled against God. And all subsequent revolutionaries - the followers of the devil. The great Russian prophet Dostoevsky in his book "The Possessed" predicted everything, a hundred years from now. Although Donbas and Crimea are lost, the economy is in a state of total ruin.

You are trying to prosecute in criminal proceedings, in which the former president Yanukovych is suspected of pressure on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. According to the investigation Yanukovych involved in the imprisonment of Archbishop Olexander Drabynko, assistant of the late Primate of the UOC MP, Metropolitan Vladimir. And you, supposedly, are a partner in crime. What do you know about it? Were you a party to these events?

Of course, I was a participant in these events. In 2013, an incident occurred, which all knew - the abduction of nuns of Pokrovsky Monastery. By this kidnapping was involved Bishop Olexander Drabynko. Investigators have records of his interrogation, where he recognized this. There is a transcript of the court hearing where he confirms it. As a result of his testimony, there are people who have been detained and were there before the revolution - until 21 February. No pressure on my part was not - it's all innuendo, lies and slander. There was nothing that the GPU writes in the introduction. It is said that Bishop Alexander pressed on to His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir left his throne. Perhaps it would be easier to push, when it is in the chamber. But then authorities respected the Beatitude Vladimir, knowing full well that he is seriously ill. He was in poor physical condition, before he had two clinical death, knew about it all. And if he knew that with A. Drabynko such events occur, for sure, it would not add him health. Out of respect for His Beatitude Vladimir then government went out to a little ruler Olexander transferred to a different status. He cooperated with the investigation and testified to the people who abducted nuns. This athletes in MMA, and as a result of his testimony in isolation. Of course, he had reason to fear for his life, and he wrote a letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to give him protection. After the revolution, he wrote that he was cleared security, and in the end wrote: "Thank you", because it was guarded.

Do you personally have any meeting with him and some contacts?

Starting from 24 August, and September 7, I had with him a large number of meetings for various reasons. He was in my office, we have been with him during the Divine Liturgy, in the hospital, His Beatitude Vladimir, at his residence.

Did you have a good relationship with Vladimir?

I had a great relationship with him. I treated him with the utmost respect, as Primate of the Church, as a highly spiritual person. He survived the church split and helped the Church to recover from this blow in the 90s.

So you are saying that all that is written in the presentation are lies and slander?

Absolutely, completely. Vladimir asked me to help somehow Drabynko. Only after that I was in this business, and Olexander helped with what he could.

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"Oppoblok" is represented by two interests - Akhmetov and Firtash-Levochkin. You are, as I understand it, on the side of Akhmetov and Kolesnikov. How do these interests get along today?

I do not quite agree with the fact that there are two centers of influence. "Opposition bloc" has 43 centers of influence (43 deputies), and each of them has their opinion. We do not have to give the team and all went to order. But we find a compromise and a consensus among themselves. As a result, the party interests always prevail over the interests of personality. A conflict is in any party. We did not have a deep conflict was the question grindings: how to get used to and to make sure that the party was united with his fist.

Will the "Oppoblok" vote for changes to the Constitution in the part of the Minsk agreements and the special status of Donbas? Do not you think that in case if it is voted, it would be the legalization of combat units of Zakharchenko, as well as maintaining an open border with Russia?

Saving the open border with Russia in the Minsk agreements is not provided. It says that on the day after the elections and the formation of local government control over the state border passed Border Service of Ukraine. Minsk signed an agreement and they must perform. Agreement must either sign or not to sign. And if you have signed - should be carried out. Therefore, the party "Opposition bloc" was the first of those who advocated the Minsk agreement and supported them after they were signed. All the laws that will be introduced in Parliament, pursuant to the Minsk agreements, we will vote with both hands. Peace, like the air the country needs. will not develop without the world economy.

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How much did you personally contribute during the two in "Oppoblok"?

I did not count, but I confirm that I am one of those people who financed the party "Opposition bloc".

One of the most famous videos is your conflict with Poroshenko.

It was videotaped by Sonia Koshkina, who entered the rest room in Parliament. This happened on February 20. On this day there were shootings on the Maidan. We gathered in Verkhovna Rada to think about how to stop this bloodshed. We took some sparring. Koshkina videotaped our conversation in a raised voice, and then I went into the manager of the office, I was approached by Peter A., and we asked each other for forgiveness. But this is no one shot and no one talks about it.

What are your relations today with Turchynov, Poroshenko, Avakov?

I respect Poroshenko as a president of the country. To say something bad about Poroshenko, it is necessary to put on his shoes, suit, sit in his chair, answer the calls, and then criticize.

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You criticize the current government, but because you are a believer, and Orthodox, you must remember that "all power is from God."

I can give my opinion about the current government. The current government has driven the country into a state of disaster in all areas. The catastrophe in the economy, continuous lesions on the external front, the sheer genocide against its own people, with the rates, the total impoverishment of the people - and we have to be silent in this? But criticizing orthodox people pray for this power. At every Divine Liturgy is a prayer for Ukraine, for power, and people.

What do you think about "liberal values"? In addition, are gay marriages possible in the country?

It is not possible, my attitude to this is categorically negative.

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You are a believer, but do not reject the money. Although the Bible says that the rich will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

It is not in the Bible, but in the Gospel. It says: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Do you think that there are more parishioners of Moscow’s Orthodox Patriarchate of Kyiv Orthodox Patriarchate in Verkhovna Rada?

There is no such thing as Moscow Patriarchate. There is Ukrainian Orthodox Church, canonical one. There the UOC of Kyivv Patriarchate. I think most of MPs are adherents of the Kyiv Patriarchate.

Are you ready to give your life for your religious beliefs?


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Do you consider yourself a member of Akhmetov’s group?


Could we keep Crimea?

Yes, we could.

Do you think Crimea is Ukrainian territory?

Open the Constitution, read what it says. Do Ukrainian citizens live in Crimean?

Of course. Did Paul Manafort cooperate with "Oppoblok"?


How did you implement the payments (for his work)?

Officially, according to the contract.

What book would never let read your children?

Books against Christ.

Three things that you personally could have done for Ukraine?

If I had the strength to do it, I would have done so that there was peace in the country, prosperous economy, and people would respected each other: Lviv would respect Donetsk, Donetsk would respect Lviv.


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