Tymoshenko: If Poroshenko wants to fight with me, I suggest doing it personally

Author : Natalia Vlashchenko

Respondent : Yulia Tymoshenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Yulia Tymoshenko on the end of hybrid war with Russia, Onishchenko tapes, and her future presidency
19:15, 8 December 2016

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Vlaschenko: This week's events we would discus with the leader of the "Fatherland" faction, MP Yulia Tymoshenko.

Experts say that the events of last week is the result of mysterious operation "Rod" (Shatun). Who, in your opinion, "shatters" the situation in Ukraine? What can we expect next?

Tymoshenko: In fact, the operation "Rod" is a mockery of the whole country. That current state of Ukraine makes people already feel that the country is moving in the wrong direction. Therefore, the authorities justified all sorts of programs. According to recent polls, over 90% of people believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction. Today, the strategy needs to be discussed how to stop what is happening, and how to put Ukraine on a new strategic path.

Why murders on the Maidan are still not investigated?

During three years the investigation of murders on the Maidan are not completed. It means, firstly, no one is planning to investigate or prosecute someone, and this is another proof that the power de facto has not changed in three years. I think that today's power, which is an integral part of the old system, has sold everything: criminal cases, honor and dignity, indulgences for Yanukovych and his entourage. Today, they have reached the point where they need to think about where to go, if the Rostov-on-Don is unavailable.

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Onishchenko tapes is a big scandal. What do you think, will Ukrainian security services initiate proceedings on Onishchenko’s testimony?

Tapes and statements already say about the investigation. But the root cause is that power is rotten, it stinks. This bad taste will spill, and this will be sick of our friends abroad, and our citizens. I am just ashamed that this is happening all across the world. I know that Onishchenko gave all these documents to the special investigation agencies in the US, and I am inclined to believe that the United States is to investigate objectively.

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Does NABU have to initiate a criminal case on the fact that the said Onishchenko?

Like millions of Ukrainians, I do not trust the security forces of Ukraine. They, unfortunately, are formed on the basis of nepotism, kinship, personal devotion. They do not serve, and subservient. They actually do not investigate crimes of senior government officials.

Could Onishchenko record any conversations with you? How do you personally struggle with the fact that your conversations are also monitored?

In fact, there is one recipe: we must create a totally transparent world, where politicians stand on top of a big mountain, in-and-out. It is necessary to speak and act do so when you are wiretaped, you would not feel shame.

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Do you think that we could have avoided a big war? What does it depend? How do you see the possibility of war in the east and returning of annexed Crimea?

There is no big or small war. When today, in the XXI century, the Ukrainians have to give lives to fight against the occupier, for me, this is a big war. I am convinced that if the country's leadership would like this to end the war, the war would have been ended. The fact is that if the president of our country in the military parade said that it is necessary to set aside Budapest Memorandum and not put any expectations on it, then I have a question, what makes today our diplomacy. I think we need to radically change the whole negotiation process. Ukraine must not become the object and subject of the negotiation process. Today speak about Ukraine and Ukraine dictate, and Ukraine is subject. Today was stalled by the Minsk Agreement for only one reason: the President of Ukraine made the signing of secret documents in the framework of the Minsk agreements, which no one knows anything, because they were not made public. And yet another agreement, in my opinion, were signed during one of the "Norman" meetings. And this means that the president took such an obligation to settle the conflict in the east, which Ukrainian society does not accept. I think that this election under any circumstances, is the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the special status of Donbas there without stopping the war. That is, the preservation of a cancerous tumor in the heart of Ukraine. Now the president realized that the Ukrainian society does not accept. No one will surrender his native Ukrainian land to those Ukrainians who did not lose Ukrainian flag in the occupied territories. The president started this whole negotiation process to a deadlock, as in the West expected to perform its obligations and such obligations in Ukraine is unacceptable.

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Political establishment more rarely remember about Crimea. Do we have the ability to return Crimea?

 I believe that in Donbas conflict and annexation of Crimea will result into some kind of peaceful situation, and step by step we will return Donbas and Crimea. I have no doubt about it, and historical experience suggests that even if the process is a long time, justice will prevail anyway, because nobody in the XXI century will redraw the boundaries of the European continent. What in the world today actually started the Cold War, in which the majority of the experts have no doubt. It's cold, hybrid warfare within, on the scale of the global world. And therefore will not be allowed to roam of the Cold War in the world. And so, of course, Crimea, part of Ukraine, can not be rejected in the negotiations. And today it is. And it began when the BP after the occupation of Crimea adopted the law on the peculiarities of economic zones in the Crimea, nearly cutting off the Crimea from Ukraine. I believe that whoever designed this law, introduced him and voted for him to be held responsible for Ukraine and history. His position I publicly announced, almost immediately after it began the occupation of the Crimea. We have, in my opinion, there were two possibilities. First, without an army, without yet unformed support of the Western world to throw some small military forces of Ukraine is practically the slaughter and give the reason the occupier the opportunity to move into the Ukraine. I know and I am convinced that having covered the first slain soldier or an officer of the Russian army, the occupation forces have entered the territory of Ukraine. It is my belief. And I believe that we will return Crimea and Crimea is Ukrainian, not having lost tens of thousands of lives. Then Ukraine was not ready to allow an army of occupation in the heart of Ukraine, in Kyiv. Now the democratic Western countries, the EU, Canada, the United States really have coordinated their actions and their resistance to aggression launched Russia. This resistance will be strong and effective, it will be effective in respect of the Cold War, which de facto started.

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Can "Fatherland", being in opposition, effectively influence Ukrainian politics? How the president works with the opposition?

Behind the scenes of Ukrainian politics everything is black and white. And when you see it in public, it's all a semitone. There is a system of clans, there is their absolute influence on the policy and there is a small group of political forces, which is able to resist them, which for many years with them merged in a single ecstasy and which stands in front of them to death. This is the "Fatherland", I as the leader of "Fatherland", are some social forces.

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That is, in Parliament, there are no such powers except yours?

I do not want to evaluate. Each political force says for itself. I can only say about us: We were thrown into prison, against us were initiated criminal proceedings, our party was falling apart, our political force almost annihilated repression. Ukrainian discourse is full of statements like "Tymoshenko is the Kremlin's hand", "Tymoshenko is a President, Liovochkin is a Prime Minister”. If you are a little bit integrated into the clan system, then you have absolutely no use for the Ukrainian nation in politics.

What is the budget of your party in 2016? Whose money was?

Today, every party has to seek funding. I am very grateful today that our western partners that have made the Ukrainian authorities adopt a law on public funding of political parties. There is no alternative: either the political forces is funded by the clans, or the state finances the party, as it happens in all EU countries. Our budget today, what we got was 6 million UAH. We still have some money that we collect in the regions. This medium-sized businesses, above average business where the teams as a whole and the management of these companies are members of the party "Fatherland." They understand our struggle and help us.

Refinancing, tranches of the IMF ... Will they help Ukraine today, or do we need at all costs to run our own economy on our own forces?

There are two areas: monetary philosophy and the Keynesian model, which states that it is necessary to form a non-inflationary way consumers that buying products will finance the economy and will develop it. You can not use the same model in its pure form. This is a harmonious combination, which can give rise Ukraine as a strong economy. We have unlimited resources. I believe that if a person is deprived of money, as we do, and average pensions and salaries have four times less than in Latvia and Lithuania, 16 times lower than in the euro area and at the same time, we have the international price of all, how our economy can develop small and medium businesses? If a person cannot afford to buy anything other than low-quality products, and pay utilities, that is where our entrepreneurs will sell their products? With people, driven to despair, marginality, full financial bleeding, raise the economy is impossible.

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Your former colleagues: Turchynov, Avakov, Yatsenyuk, Pashynsky ... Who are they for you today: the ideological allies, enemies, traitors, colleagues in parliament?

They are just people I forgave.

Are you ready to reformat "Fatherland" into a party of non-leader type and give broad powers to your colleagues?

This is a mistake that the world lives without leadership. Merkel's leadership in Europe is absolutely clear today. It should be a harmonious blend of leadership and collegiality. That is why I personally am in favor of a parliamentary form of government, where it is possible to combine leadership and collegiality.

Do you consider Poroshenko as your alternate personality? It is believed that your alter ego is Yushchenko.

I have a certain credo: if your aim is true, we must move forward and not to see obstacles.

You colleagues often leave you. Do you think that people are unreliable bank?

For me, people are not a bank, they are a unique value.


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Have you talked with V. Medvedchuk during the last year?

No. For many years I did not communicate with him.

And with Kolomoisky?

I met with him, perhaps, a year ago.

Why O. Lyashko changed the attitude towards you?

If Poroshenko wants to fight with me, I suggest to do it personally, not through other people.

Do you have a speechwriter, and who is he?

Yes, I do. This is Yulia Tymoshenko.

Would you like to personally become president?

I want to change the Ukraine, and if it requires tools, I will use them.

What is more important: career or personal history?

If career was important for me, I would not go against the authorities.

You continue to run 10 km?

Yes. Two or three times a week I run 10 km. If someone wants to run with me, I am ready.

Do you have friends?

Yes. I have an old friend Elena, which I love very much. But my true friend in life is my daughter.

What is the most interesting period in Ukrainian history?

It is still ahead.

What kind of dish you can cook quickly?

Hard boiled eggs.


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