There is evidence that speaker Parubiy took part in organizing mass riots, - lawyer Portnov

Author : Pavlo Kuzheev

Respondent : Andriy Portnov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Andriy Portnov on Maidan case investigation, 24 Ukraine's POWs in Russia, and Ukroboronprom state concern
09:53, 31 May 2019

Andriy Portnov, Ukrainian lawyer and ex-Deputy Head of President’s Administration under Yanukovych presidency

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If you were Prosecutor General, whom would you question in the framework of the Maidan case investigation?

There should be no special questions for anyone. Based on a number of sources, we have evidence of the criminal activities of the previous political regime. For example, our legal team has already filed several applications to the Investigation Bureau regarding the main person involved, that is, against Poroshenko. We incriminate him to treason, abuse of power and official authority. All this involved an attempt to seize power. We believe that he was acting deliberately, as part of an organized criminal group. His goal was extending his own power. He decided to introduce martial law with the aim of disrupting the presidential election, having entered into an agreement with military leaders, decided to sacrifice 24 Ukrainian sailors. He knew that they might be lost in a battle, or someone will be injured and his health will be damaged, or they will be captured. That is, this is not frivolous – it is criminal intent. This is called an attempt to seize power.

There were some persons on the Maidan stage, except Poroshenko, who also remain in power now.

Yes. Why am I now talking about Poroshenko and this case? Because he was president with all the levers of influence. And we understand that it was he who conceived it. Therefore, I am now focused on it.

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How about the cases against parliamentary speaker Parubiy, Kyiv mayor Klitschko, and former PM Yatsenyuk?

There is a range of evidence that Parubiy took part in organizing mass riots. The investigators do not interrogate Parubiy – they have questioned him once for formality.

They should consider a total image: where he was, at what point, with whom he communicated, photo and video evidence should be attached to the case. Look at the events of May 2, execution, city center clashes and house of Trade Unions fire. I call it execution because I believe that if someone wants to fight pro-Russian activists, they need to be fought with legal methods. Nobody can execute anyone. Parubiy was one of the main participants. We need to look at him in the context and under the prism of his criminal activities and his leadership – one of the key persons in this criminal hierarchy, established in Ukraine in 2014.

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We can look at Pashynsky very carefully. He was the head of the supervisory board of Ukroboronprom state concern. Everyone has forgotten about it. Pay attention - even journalists pay no attention to him. Everyone talks about the management of Ukroboronprom, and the chairman of the supervisory board is the head of the supreme body that controls the company. Therefore, they were obliged to conduct an investigation against him. But they didn’t, because he headed the security and defense committee because without him there was a risk of losing the coalition. Because he has serious patrons. This means that we need to overestimate his role in Ukroboronprom. And this is not just about Ukroboronprom; it is a direct theft from the soldiers.

March 22, armed men in camouflage blocked the entrance to Ukrnafta office. It was rumored that these were members of the Dnipro-1 battalion. Then the Rada adopted the law on joint-stock companies to reduce the quorum. And this story probably served as a kind of catalyst for the dismissal of Ihor Kolomoysky from the post of Dnipropetrovsk region governor. And when President Poroshenko committed this act of dismissal, he said that no governor in Ukraine should have “pocket armies.”

I agree with the thesis that no one should have “pocket armies.” I call them stray gangs. Neither the president nor the head of the Security Service (SBU) should have them. Because, before talking about each governor, we still need to remember that the SBU head controlled far-right C14 group, and Poroshenko controlled a number of other gangs.

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Poroshenko wanted to seize "1 +1" TV channel, which belongs to Kolomoysky. So I consider all their conflict history, between Poroshenko and Kolomoysky, only through the prism of the greed of the former president. He wanted to take PrivatBank, some shares, and 1 + 1 TV channel away. And the entire state machine was subordinate to this aim.

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