Self-censorship, is it a compromise?

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Respondent : Pavlo Kuzheev

Source : 112 Ukraine

"112 Ukraine" editor in chief Pavlo Kuzheev told about the compromise between the civic duty and professional duties of the journalist
21:25, 12 July 2016

112 Agency

The work of the journalist is a compromise between the way we would like it to be and the reality. Where are the limits of your personal compromise?

Let the social journalists talk about a compromise between civic duty and the professional duties. This is their favorite subject to all sorts of seminars and round tables. Remember the phrase about "two-way street?" The same thing is with the compromises.

In one of the provincial newspapers, I have read that Yanukovych has awarded the national artist. Not a single word was said that the artist had enough impudence to accept this award. Self-censorship, is it also a compromise? Everyone wants to get simple, monochrome solutions.

I am always, or almost always, doubtful and skeptical about what is happening.

Let us remember the notorious story about large-scale fire at Hrybovytske dump site in the vicinity of Lviv and publication of the "ledger" just before the famous vote in Parliament.  A lot of strange coincidences take place in our country. The media workers cannot ignore all these stories.

Skepticism, doubt, and use of different sources are the universal instructions for using the media.

Compromise is the mutual desire to understand each other.

Many years ago, you have chosen a profession, for which you had to refuse from some other plans…

It is too late to figure out how could it be if I chose something else. It is a sin to complain about doing my favorite job, which makes me happy and brings me money. I have no regrets.

If a husband and a wife are journalists, their family becomes a political club. Then again, the person can be together with you if she understands the specifics of your work, and it is not necessarily to have the same profession.

Film directors rarely watch the movies of the other filmmakers, and the writers rarely read other people's books. Whose journalistic product do you consume with pleasure?

I thing that only dead writers and directors do not watch or read someone else's works.

For me, the most interesting journalistic genre is interview. After reporting - this is it! Maybe it seems very simple: a question and an answer, a question and an answer. Reading and watching the interviews with the participation of my colleagues gives me pleasure; it gives knowledge about the new maneuvers in the conversation. It is like sophisticated chess people “read” the game. Reports and interviews... I try to watch more work of my colleagues, because I am constantly learning.

Has "112 Ukraine" TV channel “brought up” its own audience?

Upbringing is not our purpose. Our adult and conscious viewer does not need to have some tips, encouragement or punishment. No one like to be lectured.

Within 18 hours of our live broadcast, you can learn about what is happening in the country and in the world. And even about what is going to happen soon! We are one of your Consumer Services. And the users seem to be very satisfied with our work.

Our work is to let you know more. We ask our audience not to stay indifferent.

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