Salary of Ukrainian official must be at least 100,000 UAH

Author : Illya Lukash

Respondent : Anton Herashchenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine's Minister of Agriculture receives 7 thousand UAH. High salaries for officials is a good recipe for fighting against the corruption
10:01, 19 April 2016

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- Yesterday new police patrol started their work in Ternopil, Rivne is the next. At the same time, there are reports that the policemen would not obtain the promised wages. What's the catch?

- Today police patrol is a huge team, which has nine thousand employees. The main measuring efficiency is the level of public confidence in the new police. If we do not change our attitude to the salaries of civil servants, we cannot talk about any reforms.

Worker of Main Investigation Police Department receives 12 thousand UAH. Chartered young lawyer receives some 40-50 thousand UAH.

Last year the Minister Avakov said that the salary of the employee of the National Police should be at least 6,300 UAH. This was not possible. If you get a patrol of eight thousand, then you get less than six for employees of some departments. To remedy the situation, we need 10.5 billion UAH, which we do not have.

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The main argument of the reforming of the police is money. Some may say that those who took bribes would continue to take them further, despite the level of wages. Largely I do agree. But if we remove those who take bribes now, new employees need to have an appropriate level of salaries.

- How about reduction of staff in order to save the higher wages to new employees?

- We have reduced the huge number of police stations, from 240,000 (at the time of the victory of the Revolution of dignity) to 150. Salaries of the fired staff were taken away, the window of opportunity for development closed.

The head of National Police Hatia Dekanoyidze made a salary of 97 thousand UAH. Just look what happened in the social networks. The person manages 150 thousand people. Why should we offer her to pay less than in a similar position in the commercial sector?

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I told Prime Minister Greusman if he does not pay ministers at least 100 thousand UAH, there will be no results in the fight against corruption. I insist that the salary of a minister must be at least a hundred thousand. You might think I am crazy, but is time to stop this bigotry and hypocrisy.

- Is our society ready for this level of salaries of officials at the current level of pensions?

- There is a common misconception that Ukraine is Europe. It is not. The fact that we have cars, phones, and external signs of civilization does not mean correct perception of social processes. According to my observations, in terms of the perception of the state and the interpersonal relationships we are stuck at the level of the late 19th - early 20th century. This includes the issue of salaries of officials.

The current Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine receives 7 thousand UAH! He manages large sector of the economy, and gets seven thousand! Last Friday Greusman signed a decree on raising the salaries of deputies from about 6,300 to UAH 17 thousand UAH. Moreover, we voted for it three months ago.

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To effectively manage the country we need high-level managers. You cannot hire them at a salary of 10 thousand UAH.

- Yes, but where to get the money?

- It is necessary to restore order in the customs, VAT refund, and payment of social contributions. We have a third of the budget which goes for Social Fund grants. We reduced the Single Contribution twice, but we do have a sharp rise in revenues. And these are interrelated issues. In order to increase the salaries of police, prosecutors and officials, there should be something to cut or increase revenues.

Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore received the highest salary among the heads of the world - $ 2.5 million. Singapore ministers and judges get a million dollars a year! Small effective state apparatus will ensure the development of Ukraine.

How is Singapore determining the wages of the minister? If the minister subordinates ten thousand people, there is an analysis of the salaries of top managers of private companies of similar size, and the official gets at least 2/3 of the average market level. We deal in craziness and manipulation of this issue.

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