Russian FSB and “Crimean saboteurs:” details of the case

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Respondent : Oleksiy Shtyblikov

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Find out the interview with the brother of “Crimean saboteur” Dmitry Shtyblikov, who was arrested by Russian FSB
18:25, 14 November 2016

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What is the last information about your brother? Under which circumstances he was detained? What do you know about this case?

The latest information is that the court has ended. He was detained for two months.

Do you know where he is currently kept?

No, we do not know. He is most likely carried to a jail in Simferopol. According to the latest information, he was detained yesterday in Bakhchisarai.

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Where do you get the information?

From relatives in Sevastopol. Grandparents, they were on the court, they saw his. But the court was closed. Then they communicated with the state attorney.

Does he have lawyers? Is there any legal support?

A state support.

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Allegations that were published by the press are the accusation of involvement or of subversive groups. Was your brother involved in some special services?

No. 10 years ago he was the military. It is a known fact. But he has retired and worked as analytic. He worked in the research center in Sevastopol, which closed in spring 2014. So I suspect that his working in the research center became interesting for FSB.

If you go online, you see his interview, and FSB does not like it. This was in the times when Crimea was not annexed.

What is he formally accused of?

Unfortunately, I have not been to Sevastopol today. I am looking for lawyers who will take the case.  I do not trust anyone these things. And there was his family, his wife and mother-in-law. According to my information, indirect Art. 281 Part 2 (sabotage), art. 30 is only a suspicion. If you look at the Criminal Code, Art. is undermining. Here it does not go about it.

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As far as we know, wife of your brother was immediately detained, right?

Yes, yesterday we were trying to find her until 1 AM. There was no communication.

Why was she detained?

Their argument was that she’s his wife.

Except Dmitry, Oleksiy Bessarabov and Volodymyr Dudko were detained. Do these people know each other?

I do not know them, and I have never seen them. But as I understand, one of them also worked in the analytical center "Nomos". This information I got from the internet too. I cannot clearly confirm it. But as far as I know, one of them was precisely in this think tank.

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Have you applied to those lawyers who are engaged in the business Ukrainian hostages held illegally Russia; I mean Mark Feigin, others? Does Ukraine help you in finding independent and professional lawyers to protect your brother and his colleagues?

We are looking for someone who has experience in dealing with such cases in the FSB. I still cannot say for sure, but most likely someone from these known persons.

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Who helps you in this quest?

I am alone. Thanks to channel "Dozhd".

Do some Ukrainian government officials help you?

I have not looked for such opportunity. My aim is to involve those lawyers who have experience in such alleged sabotage cases.

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Do you have the direct communication lines with your brother?

 No. Tomorrow we will try to find him in jail. But from previous experience I know that the chances are not many.

You can mark key moments chronologically? How was he detained?

We learned it quite by accident. Dmitry’s wife did not show up at work. Accordingly, we phoned her parents. They live near Sevastopol. They came to the apartment, no one was found. We decided to check the garage. There we found a group which conducted the searches, and saw my brother. They did not let us communicate. They immediately took us out and told to wait. Then my brother called and said he was at the prosecutor of Sevastopol, as well as his wife. This information was then confirmed. The state attorney contacted us and voiced the article, for which he was detained. And then we expected information about his wife, because there was no connection. At 1:30 PM she called us from another phone number and said that that she was taken back from Simferopol to Sevastopol and she is a witness in the case.

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