Philosopher Vodichka: Ukrainians are anarchists, anti-state people

Author : Natalia Vlashchenko

Respondent : Gustav Vodichka

Source : 112 Ukraine

Gustav Vodichka on Ukrainian political culture, spiritual nature of the Ukrainians, and European future
16:20, 3 February 2017

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Vlaschenko: Today our guest writer, a contemporary philosopher Gustav Vodichka.

Hello. It seems to me that there is no modern philosophy on the post-Soviet space.

Gustav Vodichka: Everything connected with the liberal world is Europe and America. This is postmodern. Islamic civilization is counter-modern. Indochinese world is modern. Russia today is an attempt to penetrate the super-modern through some fresh ideas and some fresh movements. As a result, they have nothing. In addition to scientific communism, mankind has not created anything about human society. Narochnitskaya once said that Russia cannot have a project greater than itself - it is so huge, that it is already a project. Ukraine can be any project, it might join any organization. Skovoroda has said: "The world was trying to catch me, but it failed." Nobody caught Ukraine - we are anarchists. We have anti-state people, anti-state mentality. We do not want to have a state.

How can this pursuit of absolute freedom survive in the modern world?

In Ukraine, it has lasted for more than 25 years. I think we are ahead of the rest, because the most advanced society, basically, seeks a stateless world.

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It is an objective process. Apparently, the power do not belong to the presidents, but to the presidents of corporations - new netocrats. And still the world is not anarchic.

World is not anarchich, but we have anarchy. We do not have a state, we have a private enterprise group of individuals. And it's quite obvious. Romantic people go to war to protect their dreams, not the reality. They followed a dream, and they have some idea of what Ukraine should be.

So people who joined Maidan were dreamers?

Right. Not just a dream was the reason. Hope was also a reason for uprising. You can Eurointegrate without an end. This is a comforting direction - we go to Europe. We are not going into the forest, to Russia, where we have been, because it is crazy, paranoid, full of Judeo-Masons and the secret government. We do not want to live there, we go to Europe, but to do everything not to be there. It is a dream, like communism: always go to Europe, like go to communism. But, in fact, we do not want Europe, because we do not want to pay taxes, as in Europe, we do not want to be afraid of the police - we want the police be afraid of us. We do not want to work and at the same time want to have everything.

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Should we build here some third reality?

It has long been built here - since the 17th century. Nothing changed. "The world was trying to catch me, but it failed." There was anarchy. Cossack Mamay, his portrait - it is our national idea. And we do not move down from it. And we do not have freedom. We are not fighting for freedom. Europeans keep together the notion of "freedom and law". Russia refuses from freedom in the name of the project and the great majesty. We have "Cossack will", and it is above all liberties. This is when I personally and everything related to me, is the primary. And I give it only when the others would have the same corporate interest. Then we get together our Cossack team and do what we want.  Therefore, we gathered battalions and went to defend the country. But what is important - it was the will. Your idea of freedom, which is multiplied by your actions. And we see how a great number of people is changing in the country - from the oligarchs to the very last little man. For some reason they are transformed for the better.


There are people who understand that their will is to be volunteers, they cannot live without it, and do it for free. I saw a lot of those, who drink the blood of the people. But their end is near, and everything will be as in the 17th century... Khmelnitsky came to power, and there was a formalized community, as a social phenomenon. They build their own world. There was no taxes at all. The administration held only two bridges. We have peace when a woman is the main in the house. This is because it was established in the 17th century.

Do you think that the dictatorship cannot take place?

That is funny. Odesa could not take any Putinism for one reason: we cannot say they like Putin, they just do not accept Ukrainian. It irritates them. They cannot kiss Putin’s ass for the simple reason: Jewish irony and Jewish humor will not allow them to do this: it is just ridiculous. Mole cannot be a subject of worship. And Russia has already created the religious cult of Vladimir. And here it is simply impossible - there is not the power of the sacred.

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We might hate any president. What we did with the first one? He was removed because of his intelligent face. The second one wanted to serve two terms - we shouted: "Kuchma, go away!" and staged a cassette scandal. We laughed of the third president, and the fourth one just went away. This one has been serving for two years, and we say: "stayed for too long." Power is not sacred, there is freedom. What dictatorship are you talking about? Dictator may be a person who meets the "Cossack will." Like Khmelnitsky, exactly.

As it is technically possible to meet the Cossack will?

Just open a book of P. Olepsky about Ukraine and read, how Ukraine looked like in a 17th-century Ukraine. There were no orphans, everyone had house and parents. The old people were well-heeled, it was a complete abundance. There was no state, and everything was all right. Let us go to the 17th century, where the state was not involved at all. Like on Maidan: there was no state, but we had our own expense. The only weakness that we now have is a country of dishonored old age. I think that it will remain in the past. Maidan, we can say, has “resolved” after doing its job, and it would appear again when necessary. I think that something must happen here, and after that moment we will come to the normal world in which old age is not dishonored.

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Not the old age is dishonored in Ukraine, many things are desecrated too!

Because wrestler who fights for freedom increases in its number.

 In your vision, world is owned by the stronger. And what about those who do not have the forces to defend their freedom?

We have no other portraits besides Cossack Mamai. Our hymn is Cossack song, where we have clearly stated that "body and soul we put for our freedom." Anyone who wants in this country to do something, he can easily achieve this. All, except the elderly and children, are active people.

Why your Cossack world tolerate such a huge violence against themselves?

If you take the many saints and heroes, they have lost, but I think they've won. Therefore, the current violence is not a victory over us, because our victory is coming. We are the last reserve of the white race. And this is obvious. Ukrainians are the largest reserve of the white race, the last one on earth. No one else. We are in the center, surrounded by a white aggressive Poles, Czechs, Romanians, Greeks, Belarusians, Balts and white part of the aggressive Russia. Aggressive white, because there are no colored people there. And not just the colored people, and people with other archetypal conception of life. We are in the heart of this world. I think it is not an accident. We are not just a last resort, but the future of some splash, some special spiritual world that we cannot imagine now. We are waiting not only revival and triumph. What can you find in Europe? There are no white men there. Europe is a museum, eaten by people who bought one-way ticket or even arrived without a ticket. We do not have this here – our poverty saves us.

Don’t you like the idea of going to Europe?

Why should we go - Europe will come to us. It will still ask us to let it here. We'll even save it, and those frontier guard who check our documents at the border will still be crawling and begging for mercy.

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They would ask us for visa-free regime?

Yes, they would.

Christianity is the inhibitory factor in the process, isn’t it?

On the contrary. Because it is a semantic dominant of our spirit. All the stories, all the stories with the concept of "good-bad" lie in the Christian paradigm.

Christianity today, at least, Orthodoxy, became a partner of the state, which is extremely interested in the world of money.

The church has always been greedy. But the church does not stay on the organization but on the sacrament. Sacrament is a miracle: confession, communion, wedding. Wicked collected in one place to become better.

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Why less and less love is getting around?

Love has the divine substance. A divine is diminished. Because the people’s love cools, as well as their faith. This is called a break with the divine. But, again, the paradox. Everyone says that the Bolsheviks are the villains here, and how many studios were build during the Soviet era. The life was flourushing, a person could make films about love and relationships of ordinary people, and she was financed by the state. When the Bolsheviks came to power, there were 75% illiterate people. Twenty years later they gave birth to Okudzhava generation, 20 years that after a generation of physicists, poets appeared, and in another 20 - our generation of sophisticated Whites, depraved with books, who said: "What the Bolsheviks are doing here?" Intelligence is also a divine substance. Love does not enter into the calculations, it did not bend. It is addressed to you, but you cannot face it.

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Why do our elites do not want to have their names written in the history books?

Many of them consider themselves to be holy. They believed themselves to be great philanthropists. They attend my classes.

And what do you teach the villains?

Take any human being - and you will find his merits, which you do not have. And I am working with these qualities. And they have a lot of advantages, which I do not have.

Do you have a question?

Have God granted you with your true love?

Yes, I feel it now.


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