Melovin: I am a great fan of my country

Author : Olesia Batsman

Respondent : Kostiantyn Bocharov Melovin

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine's Eurovision 2018 representative on his feelings towards Putin, presidential elections in Ukraine, and his hobbies
13:35, 30 May 2018

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Interviewer: Ukrainian artists seem to suffer from some kind of flare-up: they massively go in politics. Probably, the closer are the elections, the more new names appear.

Melovin: It looks like some kind of mainstream. I do not know what caused this, but I would not go – it is very boring for me.

How many people have watched your Eurovision performance?

I do not know.

How many millions? All the countries, television, Internet. What was the number there?

I did not count it. I know that in less than a day there were 2 million views on YouTube. And that was one of the records. Only Israel "bombed" with all these views.

And what about the TV audience?

It was large. I do not remember. More than 100 million, something like that.

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How many people do you have in your fan club?

If we count all the public pages, something like 300 thousand.

Are you a star? Do you consider yourself talented?

Yes, I do. My talent is that I just love to do all these things. Nothing more. I just consider myself a talented musician, singer, and performer. I just consider myself a talented person. I can cook, I can sing, play, and create perfumes. I believe this is a talent, and therefore every person is talented. I do not consider myself a star.

In a year, we will have presidential elections. I understand that this will be your first presidential election. Are you going to vote?

I do not know. I think I will because I am curious about who wins them.

Who will you vote for?

I do not know.

But the list is already more or less known.

First I need to get acquainted with what they promise. They usually just promised - and God grant that they do it. I do not get involved in it all. I do not have time to get enough time to sleep, eat, although I really like to cook. I do not even have time to have telephone conversations with my mother. I am so afraid of to miss something, I mean concerning parents.

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Did any politicians, parties or candidates appeal to you after Eurovision to go on tour and support someone?


Would you go on a tour to support someone?

I think I cannot do this. I would torment myself later.

Maybe you would like that candidate, how do you know?

Maybe I will.

If Vakarchuk runs as a president, will you vote for him?

I think that this is a stupid mistake. I have great respect for Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, but I feel concerned when the music goes into politics. It is already engaged, it cannot be out of music, but I am always scared when an artist, especially such as Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, is going in the wrong direction.

Will you go to Russia if you are invited to sing there?

No. I have been invited, but I refused. It is not the right time. I have received many offers – Donetsk, and somewhere else.

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Donetsk? You mean now?

Not now, when everything has just begun. They called, they offered crazy fees. No, of course, I cannot. For me ... it is just like offending my mom.

When was the last time you’ve visited Crimea?

As a schoolboy. I was 12 years old.

Why are the most highly paid Russian singers and artists so supportive and fond of Putin?

I believe they just have no choice. It seems like they are under great pressure.

They? Under pressure?

I think so. It is just a guess.

Do you think they are afraid of him?


And how do you feel about him?

It seems to me, I have no feelings. I am such a great fan of my country ... During Vyshyvanka Parade, one of the girls, marching through Khreshchatyk, dropped her roach past the garbage bin... I mean that I am a great fan, not by my words, not by an embroidered shirt, but ... it's like a religion. This is what lives inside.

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You say: "I love Ukraine, it is my mother." But do you understand that your mother is offended by a particular person? There is a specific person who took away Crimea, who caused the death of 10,000 people. So I ask you once again, how do you feel about Putin?

Negatively. I have been in Odesa when everything was happening, and I cried. I wanted to pick up and run there. May 2, when all еру mayhem took place, we were sitting with my parents and cried. It was so scary, painful, and unpleasant. This is something native. I thought then that that later I would not be able to walk along the same streets, would meet my friends. To me, this whole situation is unpleasant because so many people severed ties with each other because of misinformation and something else.

You have spent 85 thousand dollars on Eurovision.

This is according to the STB TV channel version.

Who are your gods in music?

Lady Gaga, John Lennon, Queen, Ella Fitzgerald. From jazz to pop music.

You told me that in your native Odesa you have suffered from some kind of quip. Why did this happen?

Because of my dyed hair. Then the same thing continued in Kyiv.

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Your eyes are different from each other - is part of your image, do you use the lens, or is it something congenital?

No, not congenital, thank God. It is a lens. It appeared six years ago, as well as my nickname Melovin and the BIG HOUSE MELOVIN team. We created everything in the garage. My team, the project BIG HOUSE MELOVIN, was created in my parents’ garage.

Have you already bought an apartment?

Thank God, I have got my own apartment.

Did you earn it yourself?

No. We collected money from all our friends, relatives, parents, godparents, so now I live in Kyiv, in my own apartment.

Recently, you have released a collection of your perfumes.

Not a collection, one flavor.

Your perfume is very expensive as for the market - $115. It is more like a niche option.

Yes, $115 for 10 ml.

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How many scent-bottles have you sold already?

28 bottles.

Do you believe you can make money on this? Do you see this as a business?

I do not consider it as a business. For me, this is some kind of creative manifestation, a rush. I used to be afraid of my hobbies very much – it is like playing a double game, you might lose both. And then I realized that it really inspires me, for example, in the evening, I begin to create music. So why not?

Of course, after sniffing that stuff, you might not only write music.

The main thing is what you sniff. It is better to sniff perfume. I love the smells that really break me, prick me, you know. When I pass, the fans turn around and say: "Oh, Melovin has just walked through."

Who are your parents?

Mom is a housewife, and my dad does, I think, everything. Dad works with cars and deals with honey. I am very pleased that my dad found such a hobby: honey and wine. He seems to have the best wine in Odesa.

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At Eurovision, only you as a representative of Ukraine and another representative (of Russia) did not speak English, when communicating with the press. You used the interpreter. Why do not you speak English? Especially since you write the songs, which are mostly in English.

No, I do not write the texts myself. We write together with the author, with my friend. The problem is the language barrier. If I allocate more time for speaking English, it will be much easier for me. I understand everything that is said to me in English, but I cannot reply in a beautiful manner. It is hard for me to answer a question, especially when it concerns music.

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