Maksakova: Tyurin's personal motive was not enough to kill Voronenkov

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Respondent : Maria Maksakova

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Ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, opera singer and widow of Denys Voronenkov Maria Maksakova on muder of her husband, Russian FSB, and her respect to Ukraine's Prosecution General
13:55, 11 October 2017

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"The criminal authority and former husband of Maria Maksakova Vladimir Tyurin is not involved in the murder of Denys Voronenkov," stated lawyer Sergei Belyak, who previously represented the interests of Tyurin. Belyak also added that "Tyurin never had any business with Denys Voronenkov and did not interfere with his relationship with his former civilian wife Maria Maksakova."

That is no not true. As for Belyak, I would just say that defendant does not differ from the defender. A person who changed his party beliefs (he was a member of the Liberal-democratic party of Russia or somewhere else), is not a lawyer, he is a journalist with little legal practice. In forensic psychology, there is such a psychotype - "external". This is a person who has been proven guilty in full, but this man always blames the other of his troubles. Therefore, it would be funny if he said: "Yes, I am sorry." And repented. This will not happen until the Ukrainian court obtains his extradition and condemns him. And even when this happens, he will tell ad infinitum that he has nothing to do with it. His position does not surprise me at all, but let him tell all this nonsense to his cellmates when he is put behind the bars.

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Russian journalist Nevzorov commented to 112 TV channel that "the murder of former State Duma deputy Denys Voronenkov is unlikely to have political reasons - these are usual criminal showdowns."

They have three degrees of protection. Tyurin will say that these are Ukrainian nationalists, who, undoubtedly, carried out his order (murder). Security services will tell that it was Tyurin, because he had a personal motive for revenge and jealousy. As for Tyurin and his personal motive - he had it, but it was not enough to take such impudent acts in the territory of another state. Yes, he hated my personal life. And, of course, did not even fit to tie Denys’s shoelaces, Denys did not even want to talk to him. Naturally, Tyurin infuriated him in spades…

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I do not want to give a bad name to the whole FSB of the Russian Federation, but there is a pack of jackals from which they had long been tired. Moreover, Feoktistov (FSB general – Ed.) was eventually dismissed in August of this year. Putin himself personally signs these orders. That is, Putin gave his assessment of what happened on Kyiv's street, because he did not need it. But, unfortunately, they later realized it. For three years, I was begging them to interfere in what was happening to Denys, he was engaged in an investigation for the state, he brought $ 270 million to the treasury of his country, confiscating them, and he faced toe to toe with those, whom he pursued. Actually, with the criminals.

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On the eve of his death, Denys Voronenkov gave an interview. Maybe this openness also stimulated and accelerated such a solution to the problem of those who ordered?

For two or three days, they have been engaged in this whole process. It was a well-planned and well-prepared murder. Of course, they used Tyurin, who combined the necessity and the pleasure. He did what he wanted to do, but he would not have dared.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the extradition of a customer for the murder of former State Duma deputy Denys Voronenkov, Vladimir Tyurin, to Ukrainian law enforcers is quite realistic. Former Russian deputy Ilya Ponomarev said it in his exclusive commentary to "112 Ukraine."

In 1991, during the collapse of the USSR Tyurin was registered on the territory of Kazakhstan, where he received a passport of a citizen of Kazakhstan. Then he came to Russia, lied that the passport of a citizen of the Soviet Union was lost, and he illegally received Russian citizenship. When it was a question of extraditing him to Spain for almost proven episodes, they requested Russia to extradite a citizen of Kazakhstan. This is the choice of Ukraine - it can ask for extradition a citizen of the Russian Federation, although his citizenship is very controversial, and can appeal with an extradition request to Kazakhstan. I think that Russia will be in an extremely difficult situation - it will be difficult to shield him.

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All this time I expressed my admiration for the Ukrainian investigation. Prosecution General came out, and said everything in details. Moreover, the whole scheme was drawn openly. They openly demonstrated the irrefutable nature of their arguments. Of course, he will deny his guilt. And I can say that under such sad circumstances my integration to Ukraine has happened.

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As was reported before, Voronenkov was shot near the capital hotel Premier Palace at the intersection of Pushkinska Street and Shevchenko Blvd. The killer, apparently, was already waiting for the deputy. Voronenkov, along with the security guard, left the hotel, and was going to a meeting with former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev, who also testified against Yanukovych. The ex-deputy received four bullets: one in the neck, two in the face area, one in the stomach. One of Voronenkov’s guards was wounded in the heart area, the former deputy was with a guard by Ukraine’s special services. The guard managed to injure the shooter before he tried to hide. Voronenkov’s murderer was wounded in the chest area and a shot in the head. The killer was on the verge of death, the doctors artificially maintained a heart rhythm, but he died on the operating table. The Prosecution General says that it was a professional killer, but surprisingly, his documents were found in his pocket. 

About 20 cases were found on the scene. The killer used a TT pistol, and the security guard used Stechkin.

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