If people become kinder to each other, I'm for it, - Ukraine's Usyk on Tomos

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Usyk on his personal life, religion, training, and possible cinema career
14:30, 17 December 2018

In almost every interview, you mention about your family, your relatives. But many people believe that family is an obstacle when building a career. Do you think family is a support in building a career or not?

When I have to get prepared for a fight, I leave my family. Then I live with my team. Otherwise, it will embarrass me, the children want to play. I have a special training, rest, nutrition regime. I am hard at work, and it is distracting. But when you finish your work, naturally, you return to your family and live the same life. And the family stimulates. When you have been closed at a training camp for 2.5 months, of course, you often call them.

Does your wife come to fight with your children?

Only my wife comes. My children stay at home. I think it's too early for them.

If radical people go to seize Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and be violent with the monks, what will you do?

I will side with the monks.

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What is your attitude to Tomos for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church?

If people become kinder to each other and begin to forgive some bitterness, if they begin to love their neighbor as the Most High loves us, then I am for it.

What is the hardest thing for you?

Many things are difficult for me. Why I will talk about some of my difficulties. It is hard for me what is happening to us at the moment.

Are you experiencing this personally or on a state scale?

What do you mean "personally?" I am a part of the state. I represent the country in many competitions, and wherever I am, I represent my country as a Ukrainian. I absolutely do not divide people into any religions, creeds, political views. For me, people might be good, or they just need more love.

You are a religious person. But, in fact, you starred in the advertising of gambling. Why did you agree to this?

I do not promote gambling. I don't even recommend people to play. And I do not play myself. This is a promotion of sports and other things. This is not an excuse, no. I do not encourage people to play and to win. You can win though.

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You have also played football. Rooting for Shakhtar or Dynamo?

And I have been a fan of Dynamo since childhood.

Many want to see you at the level of Hollywood. And if Ukrainian directors offer something, will you find time in your schedule?

I would read the script and look at the character. If it is interesting to me and I have enough time, then it will be interesting to try.

What are you reading now?

I was reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu before the last fight. One guy from my team gave me it. This book must be read more than once.

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Why did you stop dancing after your fights?

If I do this all the time, it would not be cool anymore.

Until what age are you do professional boxing?

It is really hard to say. If it's God's will, some 7-8 years.

If we talk about Hollywood cinema, this requires speaking English. Do learn it now?

I do not speak it perfectly, as I would like to. I am learning, but I am so lazy. I am studying it as it is necessary. At the moment, it is needed in your life, just like swimming. My mom said to me: “Sonny, you need to study English.” And I replied to her: "Mom, I do not need it. I’m going to be horse-boy, would I speak English with horses?" Mom said: "Darling, you need to." But I did not listen to my mother.

Do you swim regularly?

Yes, I swim regularly during the training process. Even now, when I'm not getting ready for any fights, I go to the pool in the morning and swim for 30-40 minutes there.

Does the state help boxers in Ukraine? Why don't you train in Ukraine?

I’d like to give an adequate answer. Specifically for me, in my situation, it did nothing. I am a professional boxer, I earn money, and I fully support myself.

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Do you feel losing the speed due to the weight gain?

Well, I need to work a little. I don't think I will lose my speed.

You talked about being ready to meet with Andre Ward, are there any negotiations?

If he comes back. He has voiced some conditions. He wants money.

Whom do you consider stronger - Joshua or Wilder?

I don’t know. If I knew which one of them is raising some weight, I would say. Joshua is a more trained boxer.

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Your personal physical records.

I pressed 145 and did 47 chin-ups. At school, I’ve pressed 300 times once. Now I don’t have to do something maximally. Well, 20 chin-ups, 100 times press. Even the champion of Ukraine should do it.

How do you feel about doping and is it allowed within certain limits?

It is unacceptable. I am not with it, I have never used it.

Do you beat people with love?

I don't beat people. I do sports, his majesty boxing. If you want so, yes I beat you with love.

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