I suppose that Ukraine will never forgive Russia

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The Russian TV journalist Alexander Nevzorov in an interview at the Gordon show on 112 Ukraine channel talks about propaganda, decommunization, personalities of Putin and Kadyrov, and how he sees the Russian national idea
20:36, 18 July 2017

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Gordon: The Gordon show is on air, and today my guest is the famous TV journalist Alexander Nevzorov.

Alexander Glebovich, good evening!

Nevzorov: My deepest respects. Glory to Ukraine!

- What was the main mistake made by Russia in relation to Ukraine?

- No mistakes. Simply by the word Russia you have to understand the historical and political land, which, in principle, sees its life in seizure, in aggression, in planting itself, in brute attempts to eliminate any dissent. And this is traditional for Russia for several centuries already. This country was always like that. Look, a few insane intellectuals have drawn you Russia as the quintessence of some sublime thoughts, ideas ... it's not true. Even this is a kind of liberation of Europe by the Soviet troops in 1945. Let's think about what it was – was it liberation? To liberate is to give freedom. And the Soviet troops liberated states and countries to entangle them with the barbed wire, plant their puppet governments, isolate, pursue dissent and bathe these countries in blood when they dared to resent. We remember Hungarian, Polish, Czech and all other events. I.e., Russia does not make a mistake. It just corresponds to its historical image, which has developed and which will not be different - do not flatter yourself. Only a very weak Russia can pretend to be kind, modest and complacent about its neighbors.

- What should Ukraine and Russia do today with Crimea and Donbas?

- I believe that if Ukraine still needs these lands, then most likely it will get them back. Just because there are no staff and financial capabilities to continue this endlessly. On the example of Donbas, we see that it was all conceived as a beautiful romantic history of the spread of the Russian world. But, again, everything stuck to the fact that there are no performers of this idea of the Russian world, and instead of certain Moscow knights in radiant armor, there simply came the criminals of varying degrees of romance, unable to do anything except to hold the situation by terror, clog the cellars with corpses. It can not last long. Donbas will end in a completely natural way - I suspect that all these “Donbas authorities” will sooner or later require either a Ukrainian or Russian government a million dollars, a box of vodka, a blonde in stockings and a helicopter. It will end like that, just like it always ends with such terrorists.

- What does Ukraine need to expect from Russia, what actions?

- Same thing you already saw. As long as Russia exists in the context of its "historical role", as long as it plays in the empire, , the tsar, the orthodoxy, it cannot be the other. We need to open those books that tell you about Russia of the 18-20th centuries, and that time Russia was masked by the words of the Soviet Union, and we will see all the same pervading empire and understand that this is its form of existence. It is foolish to read the morality to a shark for extracting a piece of meat from its victim. It is foolish to claim Russia for the fact that it exists in its own historical context.

- You said that you disdain the procedure of elections, and you think that the time of world governments has come.

- Of course, because living in Russia, and keeping the illusion that elections - it's something reasonable - is absolutely impossible. If 50 thousand alcoholics and fools gather and they decide something, you will have the right to laugh at this decision. But you see there are even more of them, people who are incapable of understanding their own destiny - and then they are asked to decide the fate of the country. There are lots of wonderful and kind people among them, but they cannot appreciate the strength and importance of the problem, they are not able to solve such global things. In France there is a very small presidential power, everything is limited there, and in Russia, as a result of all these endless manipulations with gullible, but mostly phenomenally ignorant people, terrible political results were obtained.


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- Are you sorry for Nemtsov, who was killed in front of the eyes of the whole world?

- No, I'm not sorry. Firstly, I'm not at all compassionate. He was a very nice, pleasant man, we were in perfect relations with him, but he once demonstrated the same pathological traits that any person who has reached power in Russia demonstrates. You should not think that he was such a big and close friend of Ukraine.

- What do you think about Navalny?

- He, of course, seems smart to me. But I consider all the crooks. There are successful rogues, there are those who envy successful rogues, and there are those who only dream of becoming successful rogues. Actions that are not explained by normal ration, normal greed are, most likely, pathological actions, which are based on this or that fanaticism. And it's always more pleasant to deal with a thief than with a fanatic. In addition, Navalny failed my test for “Which land Crimea is?”. And for me this is a sign of the presence or absence of elementary ideas about good and evil, which the so-called politician should have, i.e., the person who undertakes to decide the destinies of millions of people, and especially in Russia.

- What do you think about Ramzan Kadyrov?

- Kadyrov now is at some crossroads. I'm afraid that he will choose the wrong way. He either has a chance to remain such a feudal primitive king, and then his reign will end either a charge of TNT appeared at the right time and in the right place, or a large Caucasian dagger - simply because a closed in his area eastern despot, as a rule, ends his life in this way.Or Kadyrov will try to integrate into this world, into some intellectual possibilities, and will understand that for the Chechen Republic as a state the Caucasian feudal deadlock is fatal. As for any other public mechanism today. The chance that he will understand this is insignificant, but, as Hawking used to say: "The smallest probability is still not zero."

- What do you think about Vladimir Putin?

- It's silly to assume that Vladimir Putin is a phenomenon separate from Russia. He's that cherry on the cake, which should be today in Russia. His country has now that period when all its passions are focused only on its own strength, indisputability, in imitation of military power, in imitation of influence. Putin is a perfect toastmaster at this "wedding". He did not really invent anything here. It is only going strictly on that canvas, which was drawn for him by that historic, dense Russia, to the ideal of which today's Russia is striving. He is only consistent in this.

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- How do you perceive the national idea of Russia?

- For me, its idea is to overtake America in terms of the number of Nobel laureates. This is the only worthy national idea. It is very complex. I suspect that Ukraine will never forgive Russia. At least, during our life, all that vile that Russia has done in Ukraine will not be forgotten. And it will be right. But when this all passes, and this mirage disappears (and it disappears and it collapses), and marasmus also ceases, then Russia will again be able to mobilize those potentials that once gave it such people as Vernadsky, Pavlov. This is the one, the real Russia, which is also there.

- Over the years of independence, 10-11 million Ukrainians went abroad. Are Russians leaving too?

- I do not monitor the statistics, but I understand that for many people it is absolutely impossible to settle in a foreign country because of the enslaved consciousness, the lack of knowledge of foreign languages, and the lack of hope that it is all possible. You have had the Maidan - and here, in Russia it has not happened. You have had the Revolution of Dignity, but for us it is still impossible for many reasons. Indeed, absolutely different peoples, absolutely different ideas about good and evil, absolutely different degrees of valor and understanding of what dignity is. Ukrainians leave to have some better fate, and for Russians, unfortunately, to overcome this cultural, state, propagandistic gravity of Russia is much more difficult thing.

- Thank you very much.

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