I had couple of skirmishes with Handziuk on Facebook, - muder case defendant

Author : News Agency

Respondent : Yevgen Ryshchuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

Interview of the Kherson Regional State Administration Deputy Head Yevgen Ryshchuk to 112 Ukraine TV channel
20:37, 12 February 2019

Yevgen Ryshchuk, Kherson Regional State Administration Deputy Head
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- Mr. Ryshchuk, you wrote a statement about your suspension from office. Why did you make such a decision? In the context of the events that have unfolded today, what will you do next?

This morning, I was interviewed by the Security Service office (SBU). I wrote a statement saying that I ask to conduct the interview with the use of a polygraph. Thus, I want to cut the ground from under the feet of those who are trying to accuse me of something. I mean activists. Today I will fly back to Kherson, as my family and children are waiting for me at home. There is a risk for my family; I will demand that they give me protection. There is a lot of information around me, but I am glad that the Prosecutor General announced today that there are no facts against me in the Handziuk case, this already calms me down. In the near future, I will wait for the Security Service to be ready to talk with me using the polygraph, and we will continue working.

- Why did you decide on temporary suspension from your duties?

- This was activists' demanded. I have begun making steps in this direction, suspended from office, ready to go through a polygraph. What else is needed? What else needs to be done so that they leave me and my family alone and give me an opportunity to properly perform my duties that are entrusted to me in the administration? I have nothing to fear. In such a situation it is not a problem for me to fulfill certain conditions if it gives definite results.

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- The Prosecutor General today mentioned your name and the name of Mr. Gordeyev during his communication with the press but said that there was no suspicion. He said that they would study involvement in possible corruption schemes. What can you say in this regard?

- This is normal. Lutsenko said that there are no parties and positions - this is normal. Another question is that I personally do not know what facts are there. I am confident that I am not involved in any corruption schemes. I think that everything will become clear soon, and in the Handzyuk case as well.

- Were you or someone from your circle familiar with Kateryna Handzyuk?

- No. That is why it upsets me even more. I saw Kateryna twice in my life at a distance of about ten meters and never spoke to her. We had a skirmish on Facebook a couple of times, but then I blocked her. If it is unpleasant for me to communicate with someone, then I block him and that’s all. 

- Concerning the personalities that were demonstrated today (the chain from the suspected customer, Mr. Manger, to the performers), who of them have any kind of relationship with you?

- I did not know anyone of these people. The only one was Mr. Pavlovsky, everyone knows that he was an assistant to the MP Mykola Palamarchuk from the Aleshkovsky district, where I am an MP too. We had a conversation with Palamarchuk, I saw Pavlovsky once in my life — somehow I stopped by to congratulate Palamarchuk on his birthday, and he opened the doors. We did not even communicate. We communicate with the head of the Kherson regional council. We weren't friends. Even before he was elected, I fought as much as possible against him being put in charge of the regional council.

- From the day when the attack on Kateryna Handzyuk was committed, the main question of the activists was: "Who ordered Handzyuk?" What is your version? What did the girl suffer for, and who might have benefited her death because of her position?

- I was not acquainted with Kateryna. The situation in the city of Kherson is not so simple, and with the MPs, all have their nuances. I did not participate in the processes in the city. I work in the regional administration, the city is a separate topic. The information that Kateryna was very active and there are questions to her as an activist, both positive and negative, is also a fact. I cannot suppose with whom she had misunderstandings and why the rumors on this topic are different.

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