Ukraine “does have the problem, especially loan for war” – German MP, Marieluise Beck

Author : Lesia Bidochko

Respondent : Marieluise Beck

Source : 112 Ukraine

Marieluise Beck, a German politician, a member of the Alliance '90/The Greens group in the Bundestag. She is also a member of German-Ukrainian Parliamentary Friendship Group as well as member of the Parliamentary Assemblies of the Council of Europe and the OSCE. Mrs. Beck kindly agreed to be interviewed for 112.UA. This conversation is offering new perspectives on Ukrainian 2015 elections, challenging established positions on Donbas conflict issues, and raising questions of the visa-free regime.
16:22, 30 July 2015


- Day by day, we witness the violation of the Minsk agreement, using the prohibited weapons, ceasefire, human rights disrespect. What is your opinion on these tangible issues? And what is your prognosis on when will this war end?

- I think  it is totally impossible to have any idea of what is Kremlin thinking about, what would be the next direction. At the moment OSCE is the only institution that come out with the picture of what is happening on the ground. There is violation of ceasefire by both sides. They do make a difference though, they say that they have problems getting access again and again on Ukrainian side, but if they call on the higher levels, then they usually get access, it works. When they are on the side of separatists, they have no-go areas. As long as the situation is like that, when they have no-go areas, there cannot be any testimony on homage preparation for preparing offences.

- Do you think the European reaction on Russia’s aggression is effective enough?

- I think we have to see that European Union is a mixture of different countries of different politics. Some countries of EU are closer to North Africa, where are quite similar problems, if you look at Libya or Syria and then you have another countries, the border states that have more knowledge to what is happening with Ukraine. I think there is one answer: nobody is going to response militants and Kremlin’s steps on war. And this is the answer which EU is giving by sanctions. There are differences within EU. Some would like to have stronger sanctions, some would announce less intense sanctions. I think all these things are compromised within the EU. EU and the US are sticking together and this is very important, because if Kremlin manages to divide North Atlantic European countries, it would be its defeat.

- Each European country in some terms has a different position toward sanctions against Russia’s actions. Recently Finnish MFA enforced the EU visa ban against some Russian politicians. Myquestion is about visa-free regime for Ukrainians. This issue has been discussed for a long time. What are the main reasons that Ukraine has no visa-free regime yet?

- We are politically fighting for visa free regime. I know that it is not a bilateral decision, because we are part of Schengen area. Schengen area proscribes the standards, which should be followed. I cannot speak on the details of this process.

- The Greens strongly support this idea, as far as I know.

- We do, we have decided doing this 10 years ago.

- You are member of German-Ukrainian Parliamentary Friendship Group, so you are familiar with the situation with election in Ukraine. Do you observe any progress in attaining fair competitive elections? What are your expectations and prognosis about upcoming local election in Ukraine?

- When we talk about the elections, I talk about OSCE, the Council of Europe, ODIHR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights). I have taken part as an election observer to presidential elections and parliamentary elections. According to the observation, which cannot be done by the parliamentarians, as we are here only on those Sundays, according to this long term observation, which ODIHR is making, both elections went pretty well. I think, nobody claimed that there has been fraud. 

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