Solidarity of the West concerning Ukraine is just a dead letter?

Author : Vitaliy Zhuravsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Gazprom signed a 15-year contract with Hungary for the supply of Russian gas
20:39, 29 September 2021

Gazprom signed a 15-year contract with Hungary for the supply of Russian gas. More than 4.5 billion cubic meters will be supplied to this country annually. meters of gas bypassing Ukraine.

Our officials are indignant. Hungarians are called traitors. We have already complained to the European Commission regarding the compliance of this agreement with European energy legislation.

Hungary did not hesitate either. It called Ukraine's demarche an interference in its internal politics.

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For years, more than 4 billion cubic meters of gas have been pumped through our gas transmission system. meters of Russian gas to Hungary. Every year, we earned an average of about $ 200 million on this.

After the completion of the contract between Gazprom and Naftogaz in 2024, the Hungarians will no longer need our GTS. They just refuse us. And we are losing a lot of money.

Hungary will pay other countries for the transit of this gas because relations with Ukraine have not been the best for a long time due to problems with the Hungarian minority in our country. The issues of regulating the activities of Hungarian schools in Transcarpathia have not been resolved.

The protracted conflict with the Russian Federation over Donbas, which at any moment can turn into a hot phase of the war, does not add optimism to both the Germans and the Hungarians. The first ones went to the laying of the "Nord Stream - 2", the Hungarians used - also bypassing our territory - another route.

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They acted exclusively in their own national interests. And it is very difficult to blame them here. The so-called solidarity of the collective West to defend Ukraine exists only on paper.

So, all our statesmen who are engaged in the energy sector of Ukraine and receive space salaries from our budget continue to lose negotiations with our neighbors. If this continues, then our GTS may turn into rubbish. And become a monument to the bungling of the "green power".

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