Overview of 38th Ukrainian Fashion Week collections

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Ukrainian desginers presented their Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collections at 38th Ukrainian Fashion Week
14:19, 22 March 2016

Nadia YURKIV. The collection was inspired by 1960s in the history of fashion – freedom, minimalism, eclecticism and expressiveness, built on controversies of the 1960s.

CHUYKO. In the creation of autumn / winter 2016-2017 collection, the designer was inspired by the countries of Asia and the Orient. Culture, life style and traditions created ideas for the fashion images. Adding modern elements, the designer presented a combination of street-style and conservative Orient.

LIASHCHUK. Major inspiration for the AW16-17 collection was the difference in the perception of the world of residents of London and Kyiv.

Yadviga NETYKSHA. A man in Yadviga NETYKSHA’s collection is selfish and self-involved, mysterious and secretive. He challenges himself, he knows he has the world in his hands. The collection is based on complex intellectual images with clear silhouettes and transformations.

VLADA NAZIK. In her collection “Evolution” the designer intends to transform the image of a typical modern business woman, adding romanticism and lightness to the crazy modern life style.

DASTISH FANTASTISH. The “Drug” collection is inspired by the sub-culture of cyberpunk and touches upon the issues of obsession with the “web”.

Olga MAY. Prominent theme of the collection is sky. The main accent is on complex color combinations: “Sunrise always follows sunset at least we have the right to hope for it”, - Olga May.

J.PEREKRIOSTOVA. Borrowing the ideas of Dadaism, in her collection “Sensation” the designer intends to transform the existing canons of estheticism and looks for the beauty in imperfection.

MUSI BY MUSICHENKOCollection AW16-17 is a transition from past to the future, beyond time, states and continents. A light touch of 1930s elegance.

AINA GASSE. The concept of antagonism is the foundation of the collection: a firm stone and a fragile flower, geometric forms and smooth lines. Such an arbitrary artistic division didn’t distort the integrity of the collection, combining stylistic features of 1970s.

ROUSSINA BY SOFIA ROUSINOVICH. Inspired by the relations of people and vehicles, Sofia Rousinovich created her AW16-17 collection “I – a car”. The designer regards a car as a subject with a mechanic heart that has gone far beyond its initial application.


YANA BELYAEVA. The internal conflict of the collection is the unwillingness to come to terms with the stereotype about a grey, cold and boring winter. The title of the collection is “No Summer Ends”.

LAKSMI BY MARYANA STESHENKO. The Laksmi collection is filled with love for the 1960s-1970s, to bohemian luxury, music, cinema and fashion of this period, which is an endless source of inspiration for the designer.

KASS. The new collection of “KASS” brand explores the limit between creative perception of reality and madness. Studying popular society trends the designers focuses on one of them – finding a psychological illness and becoming ill of it, thus emphasizing ones uniqueness. The designer doesn’t deny the connection between creativity and psychological diseases, but he is against speculations on the basis of this pattern.

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