More and more reasons not to visit Ukraine..

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No mountains, no rivers, no caves.. Yes, you MUST avoid Ukraine at any cost..
18:11, 18 June 2016

1. If you are fond of mountains, don’t even think about Ukraine… There are no mountains at all…Just couple of hills..

Photo: the Carpathians

2. All its territory was built up by the high-rises. There's no piece of vacant land - buildings are everywhere

Photo: the Carpathians

3. However, there are a couple of farms, but those are completely hopeless Rudchenko

4. There are also no places for solitary being and watching nature around. Continuous noise and bustle

Photo: the Carpathians

5. Nothing hidden, mysterious, or unknown...

Photo: Cave 'Hopeful', Ternopil region

6. You will never see in Ukraine neither beautiful waterfall nor noisy rapids

Photo: Rapids of Kamenka river, Dnipro region

7. Yes, there are also no rivers - all have dried up long time ago... Lisovskaya

Photo: Dnipro river

8. Forget about the wildlife ...

Photo: Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

9. This is a fairly lifeless land. All living beings died when Chornobyl exploded. Only some mutants survived..

Photo: Askaniya Nova

10. You don't believe?

Photo: Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

11. It is ecologically polluted and overpopulated country.

Photo: the Carpathians

12. Poor folk. Ukrainians can only dream about winter sports.. There are absolutely no options for that..

Photo: the Carpathians

13. Are you fond of beaches and sea? Stay away from these places..

Photo: Dzharylgach island, Kherson region

14. Because there are no beaches in Ukraine…

Photo: Azov Sea

15. Just like coastal lakes and seas

Анна Стрижеконь

Photo: Kínburn Foreland

16. They would better create a man-made lake, at least for diversity.. Bird

Photo: Kyiv Sea

17. This trip is the worst thing that could happen to you

18. Yes, you MUST avoid Ukraine at any cost

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