Jamala: Who said that music should always be entertaining? (Part 2)

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Ukraine is poor but cool, a country of talented people - Ukrainian singer
16:08, 17 February 2016

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Dmytro Larin

What happened to your house?

It was demolished. Now there is a boarding house "Malorechensky". But the well, which my great-grandfather has dug, has left, and the whole village uses it, when there is no water there.

Yesterday I saw that they got rid of the signs"Kuchuk-Uzen", I saw my village on the TV show. They promised not to change the plates, but to leave them in three languages.

On the Eurovision Song Contest you will represent not only Ukraine, but also the Crimean Tatars. Do you feel responsibility?

Of course, this is a huge responsibility. But I would like to avoid talking about politics, trust me. Because this is my own pain, it does not make up a story.

On the other hand, I understand that I can not escape it, because there is no time to remember about deportation in Crimea.

In addition, this week revealed that the song brought to the surface a lot of pain and resentment of Ukrainians. They keep silence. No one talks about Holodomor and repressions.

Someone wrote me on Facebook: "My grandmother from Western Ukraine was also deported." This part of history is not discussed, even though in the last two years we are trying to talk about all the triumphs and tragedies of the Ukrainian people.

Dmytro Larin

I think that the movie, music, and journalism can show the information in the right way, without pseudo-patriotic lure.

After your presentation, there was a discussion about why Ukraine should represent a notorious history. Some people believe that Ukraine must be presented with "optimistic" side. What’s your position?

In what year Ukraine was represented in any contest with the song, at least indirectly related to the war, Holodomor, or any other tragedy that happened to our people.

It never happened. Ukraine was always represented as cheerful and optimistic country. Alyosha in 2010 sang the song People, and her story was related to Chernobyl. I do not remember any other examples.

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When a movie about the war is presented somewhere in Africa or Yugoslavia, any Angelina Jolie comes out and says that this film is about the offended nations. This is irreproachable, if the movie raises important issues such as the problems of small nations and peoples who had been oppressed for many years. Why cannot these issues be risen in the song contest?

Cinema and music give the language with which you can easily communicate with the contemporaries. Who said that music should always be entertaining?

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Of course, this competition has an entertaining aim, and everything should be bright and spectacular.

But I remember the speech of Serbian singer Marija Serifovic, who came alone, in a man's suit, and prayed for her people on the scene. And she won.

The question is, what song to sing, a sad or a funny one. This question sounds ridiculous. Which song is better?

What is the main idea you want to present to the European audience?

I would like to inform that if you respect your family, remember your roots, and know the history, you will never show disrespect or aggression towards other cultures. You will try to understand them.

I travel a lot and it is a great pleasure from getting the new knowledge. When I come to a new country, I learn some basic words in local language, what kind of food do they eat there, what do they listen. It's interesting.

Recently I went to Sri Lanka alone. I do not say, "God, it is so dirty and overpopulated... Why do you there alone?" But I trust people. Moreover, I have a skill to communicate at the level of "we are of the same blood".

If you trust the people and truly treat them as you would like them to treat you, they will feel it. So my main message is that we have to start changing ourselves.

Dmytro Larin

If we start with ourselves, if we begin to build our lives, following some basic human laws, there is hope that we will be able not to turn into a monster.

How would people get to know about Ukraine?

Ukraine is poor but cool. We have very cool people. They are talented and humane; and this is very important.

I would like the others to know Ukraine as a country of talented people. And we have all the chances to achieve it!

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