Ukrainian special services seek to deprive Chechen volunteers of their combatant status

Source : 112 Ukraine

Chechen warriors who serve in the battalion named after sheikh Mansur have been fighting alongside the Ukrainian military in Donbas combat zone
16:45, 27 July 2021

Security Service of Ukraine
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Ukrainian special services have been trying to strip the Chechen volunteers from the battalion named after sheikh Mansur off their combatant status. Muslim Cheberloevsky, the commander of the battalion said so in his commentary for Donbas.Realii.

The officer said that members of Ukrainian special services are running certain checks so as to find reasons to cancel the Chechens' combatant status. The SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) has been summoning servicemen of the army units that are adjacent to the base of Chechen volunteers. The SBU interview them, trying to find controversies in their previous testimonies.  

As is known, October 30 marks the anniversary of the tragic death of Amina Okueva, the well-known military volunteer. In the early stage of the Russian aggression in spring 2014, she joined the Ukrainian army as a combat medic and a sniper. Okueva was brutally murdered in an attack in Hlevakha, Kyiv region, on October 30, 2017. She was sitting in the car next to her husband and comrade-in-arms Adam Osmaev, when the car was ambushed. The shooters opened fire from assault rifles and disappeared immediately; Osmaev survived, suffering light injuries, and Okueva died instantly due to a headshot wound.

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The investigation into Okueva's case was underway; the law enforcers suspect a Russian trial, as both Okueva and Osmaev are credited as the Kremlin's fierce adversary. Osmaev is known for being a suspect in preparing the assassination of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Both of Chechens served with the International Peacekeeping Battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudaev (the paramilitary formation led by Adam Osmaev, which recruits fighters to stand against the Kremlin's aggression; since 2014, the formation has served in Donbas conflict on the side of the Ukrainian military, - 112 International). 

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