Saakashivili and company: all you need to know about protests on October 17

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Who, where and with which demands will protest in Kyiv on October 17
19:44, 16 October 2017

The forthcoming protest is called 'Ukrainian-wide' and 'large-scale' by the organizers. The initiator of the protests is former governor of Odesa region and leader of 'Rukh Novukh Syl' Mikheil Saakashvili claimed in the interview that he is not ready to talk about the number of the people 'but he expects there will be a lot of them'. We are trying to understand what to expect from the forthcoming protest.

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A low of political parties and non-governmental organizations claimed to take part in the protest:

Political Parties: 'Rukh Novukh Syl' of Mikheil Saakashvili, 'Svoboda' of Oleh Tyahnybok, 'Khvylia' of Viktor Chumak, 'Alternatyva' of Egor Firsov, 'Demokratychy Alians' of Vasyl Hatsko and Viktoria Ptashnyk, 'Samopomich' of Andry Sadovy, 'Natsionalny Korpus' of Andry Biletsky and '5.10' of Hennady Balashov.

MPs Yury Derevianko, Sergy Leshchenko, Mustafa Nayyem, Volodymyr Parasyuk and others will be the speakers at the protest.

Moreover, the non-governmental organizations such as 'Center of opposition to corruption', 'Chesno', 'Avtomaidam', 'Reamatsiyny packet reform' plan to take part in the protest.

The representatives of 'Batkivshchyna' refused from the participation but claimed that they support the protest.

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There are three main demands:

1. New rules of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada that will include proportional system with the open list;

2. Abolishment of the immunities of MPs; 

3. Creation of the anti-corruption court. 

However, there are more demands.

Saakashvili published another four demands that he called 'demands from the Ukrainians to the government'.

The first one is to begin a real fight against corruption. The second is to begin an open and public sale of the business. The third is to accept new election legislation and renew the members of the Central Elections Committee. And the fourth is the available charges, destruction of gas mafia and liquidation of Rotterdam scheme.

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According to Saakashvili, these four clear and understandable steps will begin the reconstruction of the country. It is important to note that these demands can appear to be not the last while the organizers promised to gather the other demands during the visits to the Ukrainian regions that are held before the protest.

Place of the protest

It is planned that the square in front of the Verkhovna Rada will be the epicenter of the protest. Moreover, the protests are planned to be held in all regional centers of Ukraine.

The organizers cannot name the approximate number of the participators but they do not exclude the possibility to put up the tents near the Verkhovna Rada.

The MPs promised to come to the Ukrainian Parliament to submit all issues were raised at the protest on October 17.

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The expectations from the protests are unclear even for the organizers. Some of them talk about the long protest, some talk about the active actions, some claim about the possible provocations. It is known that they still gather the people for the protest. Everything will be clear on October 17.

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