Estonia mourns for a citizen who died in Donbas, having violated the law of his country

Author : Denys Zharkykh

Source : 112 Ukraine

He broke the law of his country and died. One needs to learn from the mistakes of others
13:31, 22 July 2020

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Last week, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu admitted that the combat medic who died in Donbas was a citizen of this Baltic country. It is another foreigner in a foreign war.

But something else is interesting. The Foreign Minister said that the government had not given permission to this man, Nikolai Ilyin, to go to serve in the army of another state. That means he served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine illegally, according to Estonian law. He broke the law of his country and died.

Now Estonia is mourning for a man who died having violated the laws of his country. He could have stayed alive.

The death of any person causes grief. But why did he end up there? Why did the Ukrainian side let him go to the front? Who will be responsible for this? Apparently, nobody will. And it’s a shame. Because one needs to learn from such fatal mistakes.

I will say a seditious thing, forgive me for this. Perhaps, if foreigners had not taken part in the conflict in Donbas, it would have ended long ago. Somehow Kyiv, Donetsk, and Luhansk would have found common grounds. Instead, Americans, Russians, Serbs, Poles, Belarusians are fighting in Donbas. There are a whole lot of foreigners. Tell me, do mercenaries need peace? They need a war to make money.

Remove all the mercenaries from both sides, and perhaps peace will come to the Ukrainian land faster. And then neither Estonians nor Ukrainians will die in Donbas.

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