‘DPR’ leaders divide power after Zakharchenko’s death: SBU intercept talks

Source : 112 Ukraine

The recorded conversation took place one week after the death of ex-head of the 'DPR' Aleksandr Zakharchenko
18:58, 24 September 2018

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The Security Service of Ukraine intercepted the conversations of the leaders of the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic," in which they discussed changes in their 'power structures' and the coordination of these actions with the Kremlin. This was reported by Ukraine’s SBU.

According to the record, in the evening on September 6, Aleksandr Kazakov, the advisor of the deceased Aleksandr Zakharchenko, called Dmitry Trapeznikov, - at that time the acting head of the so-called ‘DPR’.

As it became clear from the conversation, they were counting on the resolving of the ‘situation’ by Vladislav Surkov, a well-known assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the curator of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The terrorists were waiting for a verdict after the emergency meeting in Moscow on the final appointment of the future head of the ‘DPR’ and the ‘Council of Ministers of the DPR’ by the Russian Federation.

On the same day, around 9:00 pm Dmitry Trapeznikov talked to Denis Pushilin, who was the head of the ‘People's Council of the DNR’. They coordinated their actions with the head of the so-called ‘DPR State Security Ministry’ Vladimir Pavlenko on the fast neutralization of Kazakov by imprisoning him.

“According to them, Kazakov planned in his interests to glorify the "image of the former leader of the DPR" and ensure the preservation of power for the so-called ‘Zakharchenko group.’ In this conversation, Pushilin, in particular, expresses personal interest in the immediate removal from the position of Timofeyev (called ‘Tashkent’) through his dismissal from the post of ‘Vice Prime Minister of Income and Charges of the DPR’ on Pushilin’s order,” the SBU reported.

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"The recording of talks took place one week after the death of the ‘DPR’ leader Zakharchenko, which shows a full dependence of the so-called ‘top leadership of the DPR’ on the decisions of the ‘curator from the Kremlin’ Mr. Surkov. The content of the talks points to the existing steady conflict between the ‘leaders of the fake republic.’ It also demonstrates Pushilin’s and Trapeznikov's intentions to get rid of influential rivals ‘from the Zakharchenko team,’ in any way, in particular, Kazakov and Timofeev and end the “local coup d'etat,” the SBU report states.

Reportedly, on August 31, as a result of the explosion in the restaurant in the downtown of Donetsk, head of so-called “DNR” Aleksandr Zakharchenko died. The Russian mass media reported that Timofeyev, so-called "minister of revenue and duties" of so-called "DNR" has also died. The so-called “law enforcers” of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic stated that they detained “Ukrainian saboteurs” who are presumably involved in the assassination of Zakharchenko. Although, SBU hasn’t approved the information.   

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